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Are We There Yet?

The kitchen is finally finished! The cabinets and countertops have been in for a few months.  The backsplash took us awhile.  Finding the right tile shape, color and size was challenging.  The overall effect that I was trying to achieve was an update on the traditional.  With the painted inset cabinetry, my immediate thought was a subway tile, but I ran across a variation on the traditional 3x6 subway which was a 2 1/8” x 8 ½” field tile.  Still the subway look, but with a more modern shape.

When using inset cabinetry I prefer to use only one piece of molding at the top of the cabinetry, using multiple pieces of molding in this case would make this room seem a little top heavy. I was also somewhat limited on the height available so I used Dura Supreme’s Transitional Light Rail at the top and bottom of the wall cabinets. For the light rail application I had the molding installed upside down to create the mirror image of what was at the top.

I used all drawer bases with the exception of the sink base and the base recycling center.  It’s a personal preference; I like the functionality of a drawer rather than a roll out.  Both base corners are voided, I’m not a fan of the corner cabinets and with the size of the room and the use of the drawer bases I was ok with sacrificing the storage space.

The final piece of the project was just installed, the walnut ledge on the pass through.  The walnut is from the family farm in Iowa which has personal meaning for us. There wasn’t enough space for a large overhang, just enough room for the width of one of the boards so we kept the live edge to add interest.

Am I happy with the end result?  Absolutely, I wouldn’t change a thing!

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