Remodel Stories: Cabinet Hardware Decisions

While Darryl, the installer extraordinaire, begins to work his magic in the kitchen I find myself with more decisions that need to be made before the project is complete.  The critical decision at the moment is the cabinet hardware.  Most installers like to have the hardware on site around the same time they start the installation.  It’s typically one of the last things they do, but when they are ready it’s good to have it on hand.

Cabinet installer working on installing Dura Supreme cabinets on the job site.

When selecting hardware for your cabinetry there are really no rules, but maybe some guidelines to consider.  Remember that the hardware is the one thing on the cabinetry that gets used, touched and pulled on every time you open a door or drawer.  So it’s a good idea take into account the size of the hands that will be using the hardware.  While a beautiful, small catch may make a fabulous design statement, if you live with a football player their fingers will never be able to operate the hardware. Another thing to think about is the width of your drawer base cabinets.  Depending on your hardware selection wider drawers require a wider pull or two pieces of hardware to allow the drawer guides to function with ease.

Cabinet door close up with latch hardware on inset cabinets.
Knobs and pulls are typically the two options available for cabinet hardware.  You can use all knobs, all pulls or a combination of the two.  It’s all about your personal preferences and how you want the overall finished product to look. Today’s hardware manufacturers have developed collections of knobs and pulls with varying sizes and shapes that all relate to a specific style.  It’s certainly ok to use different sizes and variations of the same hardware collection throughout the room.  Cabinet hardware is the jewelry in the room; it finishes everything off and adds that little bit of bling.  Make it functional, the variety can make it interesting.

A great example of mixing cabinet hardware in the kitchen.

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