Craftsman Design Style

Craftsman Styled Cabinets from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

The key to creating an authentic Craftsman-styled kitchen is embracing those details that embody hand-craftsmanship and hand-joinery.  As a response to mass production and an abundance of cheaply made goods, the Craftsman design movement achieved prominence in the early 1900’s and recognized value in the work of the craftsman and artisan.

Craftsman (Arts & Crafts) Style Cabinets frm Dura Surpeme Cabinetry

The handiwork of the cabinetmaker was idealized and an appreciation for quality and craftsmanship was celebrated.  Homes of this period were designed with an open floor plan and a central hearth or gathering area.  Woodwork and cabinetry became architectural focal points in warm wood tones and joinery techniques were prominently featured.

Craftsman Style Cabinets by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Crestwood Cabinetry shown with the “Homestead” door style (Inset with non-beaded frame) in Quarter-Sawn Red Oak with Mission finish. 

Door Styles, Woods & Finishes

For Craftsman styling, consider Quarter-Sawn Oak with its distinctive grain pattern.  Cherry and Maple wood species are also classic favorites.  Cabinet door styles can have a flat panel or raised panel, and should feature straight, square edges. 

Craftsman Panel Inset

Shown in Quarter-Sawn Red Oak, Mission
(with decorative inset hinge and non-beaded frame)


Homestead Panel

Shown in Paintable, Graphite Paint



Shown in Maple, custom finish

Lancaster Inset

Shown in Quarter-Sawn Red Oak, Mission
(with optional solid drawer front, decorative inset hinge, and non-beaded frame)


Napa Panel

Shown in Quarter-Sawn Red Oak, Ginger

Available wood species are listed below each cabinet door style with the following key:  A = Knotty Alder, C = Cherry, H = Hickory, M = Maple, O = Red Oak, Q = Quarter Sawn Red Oak.  Please note that all cabinet door styles can be selected with a slab (solid) drawer front option.

Accent Doors

Art glass was a familiar feature in Craftsman architecture.  For this reason, leaded glass inserts are an appropriate complement for a Craftsman kitchen.  Mullion cabinet doors are also popular in characteristic period patterns.

Leaded Glass Insert (LG-48)

Shown in Quarter Sawn Red Oak, Mission

Leaded Glass Insert (LG-49)

Shown in Quarter Sawn Red Oak, Mission

Mullion Pattern #2

Shown in Quarter-Sawn Red Oak, Mission


Design Elements

Hand-craftsmanship is prominently featured in a Craftsman kitchen and great attention is given to the small details.  Oftentimes, a simple stylized motif (in these photos, a carved 3-square motif) is created to embellish surfaces.  An arched valance is used in the toe space and below wall cabinets as a popular design element.