Do You Need a Full Kitchen Remodel or Just a Few Updates?

Is it time for a kitchen remodel or can you live with it for a while longer? Would diving in to a full remodel make the space better or could you get by with some minor fixes?  I often tell people that remodeling your kitchen is very similar to being pregnant, it’s a long process, not always easy, but in the end you forget all that and end up with something pretty great.  The reasons for remodeling your kitchen can vary from a lack of space and functionality, the death of an appliance or the cabinet door that has fallen off one too many times.  Once you’ve made the decision that something needs to be done the process begins, it won’t always be easy, but the end result will be worth it.

When you take stock of your current kitchen, it’s a good exercise to think about what you like about your current space and what you dislike.  Kitchen designers will often ask you these questions; it provides them with valuable information about you, your needs and your wants.  For example, you love the view out the window of your current kitchen, but there are also two corner cabinets that you can’t access, stuff gets lost back there and they drive you crazy.  By telling your designer this at the beginning of the process hopefully they will not present you with a design that has relocated your window and includes multiple blind corners.
Thinking about my own kitchen, it’s the perfect size, not too large.  It’s a little short on cabinet space, the wall cabinets are only 30” high and my ceiling height is over eight feet. 

Kitchen Issues, the appliances are all so close together.

I’m left handed so the dishwasher location works for me, but it is way too close to the range.  There is only 15” of counter space to the left of the range and being a lefty that doesn’t provide a lot of work space for me. There’s a pass through to the dining room and the view outside, but the pass through is only 30” wide. The appliances are ten years old, but they work. 

Issues with my kitchen. The color scheme makes it Christmas all year long!

Not a bad space, but not a great space either.  So, do I make the decision to remodel the kitchen?  Do I start the process?  It looks like I already have…


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