Hot Color Trends in Interior Design

Color is always a hot topic among designers and it is one of the most noticeable design elements within any home interior project.  Although colors vary seasonally in the fashion industry, with home interiors we recommend taking cues from color trends and working them into a palette of classic colors and old favorites.  After all, the largest investments in your home (like cabinetry, flooring, carpet and larger pieces of furniture) should reflect classic long-term style and not fads or trends.  I usually suggest to homeowners that smaller soft goods like accent chairs, throw pillows, accessories and wall paint colors are the areas that can be easily changed in the future, and therefore those are the areas to be more daring and fashionable with the use of color.

So what are the hot colors in home interiors right now?

For cabinetry, classic paint finishes are definitely trending up right now in a variety of soft whites, neutral tones and elegant grays.  For stained finishes, there has been a noticeable trend to the darker shades and colors that are more of a true brown, or even have a slight gray tone. 

It’s always a good idea to ask your kitchen designer to show you some popular color schemes.  Your designer has cabinetry paint and stain color samples and they can easily demonstrate attractive looks and combinations of color.  You may still decide to stick with a classic favorite, but at least you are aware of some color ideas that you could try in other areas of your home like a bathroom or powder room.

GRAY – About three years ago, color designers started to track a definite shift toward gray in popular color palettes and this trend is still strong (and quite possibly is becoming a long-term classic).  A recent issue of Veranda magazine featured Jennifer Lopez’ new home, where she used shades of gray throughout for an incredibly elegant interior!  We have seen grays emerging everywhere – from tile and paint colors, to cabinetry stains and paints, to pillows and soft-goods, and clothing and jewelry too.  From matte colors, to nubby textures, to shimmery metallics, gray is showing up everywhere.

 Shades of Gray Interior Design Idea

HONEY YELLOW – The Color Marketing Group (CMG) recently cited “Honey Moon” yellow as a color to watch and sure enough, it is gracing the pages of more and more shelter magazines.  This is a soft, muted yellow with tones of mustard and it works wonderfully blended with browns and grays.

Mustard Yellow Color Throw Pillows and Couch Interior Design Idea

 Mustard Yellow in Interior Design

CLASSIC NAVY – Classic navy blue is still … classic, and probably always will be.  Mixed with corals and whites or showing up with grays or even muted yellows.  This is a classic go-to color and looks so good with cabinetry finished with a crisp white paint.

 Classic Navy Blue Color in Interior Design

ORANGE – Orange is evolving into a more muted shade with a touch of coral pink, instead of the lively, intense true-oranges that came on the scene a few years ago.  This softer shade of orange works wonders to add color and pizzazz to a room as an accent.

Orange color schemes in Interior Design

BROWNS – Browns are being used in every color, texture and shade and as long as you vary the intensity of the shades (white, cream, beige, deep chocolate brown and a mid-tone shade – just don’t decorate with all beige) you can create a luscious, rich color scheme.

 Beige and browns in Interior Design

Beige and Browns colors for Interior Design Ideas

PURPLE – Shades of purples are showing up again in soft muted shades, sometimes mixed with gray.  Not to be confused with vibrant true purples, this is a grayed, muted tone of purple from eggplant to lilac with a definite undertone of gray.

Trendy shades of purple in Interior Design

PEACOCK BLUE - A shimmery peacock blue is also appearing as a vibrant accent color for soft goods.  I wouldn't necessarily suggest it for larger scale use (although this photo shows it used as a wall paint) but more for soft goods and as an accent color.

Peacock blue color trendsin interior design

If choosing a color scheme for your kitchen or your home interior project is proving to be overwhelming, try tearing pages from magazines that appeal to you from a color stand-point.  Then examine the pages, grouping them by color, to see what overall color or (color combination) appears repeatedly.  Sometimes it ‘s hard to imagine doing something different than what you have always done before, so the magazine tears can be a good exercise that allows you to think outside the familiar walls of your current home.  Keep in mind that your Dura Supreme kitchen designer is a valuable reference for color choices and color combinations in addition to your overall kitchen design.


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