I have a Color Crush! How do I make this work?

Are you in love with a specific color and want to incorporate it into the design of your home? Have you been saving colorful kitchen photos or dramatic bath photos as part of your home design wishlist?

An assortment of Dura Supreme Cabinetry sample color chips with Personal Paint Match colors.

A rose inspired pastel pink cabinet door.

There are many ways to add color and drama to your home design, especially if you know how to use color wisely.

A colorful shabby chic styled kitchen pantry with a small kitchen desk, and open drawer storage.

Setting the Mood of a Room with Color

First think about your favorite color and identify how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel relaxed, energetic, comforted, or joyful? Then think about where you’d like to use it in your home and if that emotion fits the functionality of the space. For example, if blue make you feel relaxed you may want to consider using in a master suite. If a color makes you feel energetic and joyful, perhaps the kitchen is the perfect place for this color.

A dreamy light blue bath vanity in a shabby chic styled master bathroom interior design.

A bright and bold blue and white kitchen remodel. Aqua blue cabinets.

The Key to Accenting Color

They key is to accent your color, find what colors make the perfect backdrop and make your color the focal point of the room. Determine what are the key focal points in your room and how can you use your color to emphasize them. Here are some great examples of incorporating personal color choices successfully.

Adding an accent wall is one popular way to add a favorite color to a room. In this room the cabinets create the neutral backdrop for the vibrant green accent wall.

A bright lime green accent wall in a contemporary styled kitchen with Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Create a focal point.

In a kitchen, the focal point could be an island, a built-in hutch, a wood hood, an appliance or simply highlighting a section of cabinetry to add contrast.

A white kitchen with a mint green kitchen island and mint green and coral decor.

Gray industrial downtown kitchen design with bright orange / tangerine cabinets for contrasting color.

A airy white traditional styled kitchen with white cabinets, a blue range-oven, and copper hardware.

The options are endless with color. Get creative and have fun adding a favorite color to your space.  With Dura Supreme cabinetry's personal paint match program, adding color to your kitchen or bath is easier than ever!

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