If You Can't Stand the Heat, Remodel the Bathroom?

We decided that this summer we were going to put the remodeling projects on hold and enjoy the weather.  Who knew it was going to be so hot and humid day after day after day?  I don’t mind a little heat and humidity every once in a while but when it drags on for a month and you would rather be inside in the air conditioning, something is just not right.  It’s almost a summertime version of cabin fever, way too much time cooped up inside.

Because I’ve spent so much time inside this summer, it has allowed me to take a good long look at the main floor bathroom situation.  There is a full bath in the hallway and a half bath off of a bedroom that backs up to the full bath.  I remember when we looked at the house for the first time and I checked out the hall bath I was struck by the placement of the toilet.  It’s centered right in the middle of the wall, open the door and there it is!  We have copies of the original plans for the house and the toilet is drawn along the wall next to the vanity, which seemed fairly normal.  How it landed where it is now is a mystery. 

The bathrooms as they are today

The half bath only gets used when we have overnight guests and they still have to use the hall bath if they need to take a shower, which is a little inconvenient.  I never did understand the half bath off of a bedroom concept. You occasionally see them in older houses, maybe it was the precursor to the master bath that we think of today?

Both bathrooms are small, so what if we took two small baths and created one large space that would be accessible from both the hallway and the guest room?  Let’s get rid of the awkwardly placed toilet and the vanity in the half bath.  We’ll open up that wall, create more space, change the flooring, replace the cabinetry, update the lighting…

Remove the wall and look at all that space!

I feel a project starting to happen!

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