The Process Begins

Let me preface this by saying designing your own kitchen is the most difficult project a kitchen designer can tackle.  Working at Dura Supreme and walking through the factory every day I have the opportunity to see cabinetry being manufactured in every style and finish imaginable.  The options are endless and it’s really difficult to narrow down your choices. But here’s what I have figured out so far.

 I know I need more storage space.  The budget and the layout of the rest of the house won’t allow us to move any walls so I have to work within the existing space.  The room is also very dark; one window over the sink and a small pass through into the dining room.  There is only a light fixture in the center of the room and one over the sink.  The appliances are over ten years old and too close together, things need to be spread out a little more.  The color scheme has got to go; the dark red walls and the green countertops are too festive for me.

 The existing kitchen with small pass through, appliances that are too close together and some poorly used space in the upper right corner
There are multiple issues that need to be addressed and because the space is limited I’m going to start with appliances.  The style and configuration of your appliances can have a huge impact on the overall layout of the kitchen.  There are lots of possibilities to consider and it’s a good spend of time to do some research on line or in a store to educate yourself about what’s out there. When you make your preliminary wish list consider how much space you have to work with, a cook top and double ovens are going to eat up a lot more real estate than a freestanding range of some type. Selecting a microwave drawer or building it into a cabinet is going to take away cabinet space but would allow for an interesting hood of some type. Check out the different styles of refrigerators, both cabinet depth and a standard model, the storage space varies greatly. 

Once you have an idea of what works for you and your budget sit down with your kitchen designer before you purchase the appliances to make sure what you have selected is going to work in your space.  You don’t want to sacrifice the overall layout and functionality of the kitchen just to fit in the appliances.

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