Shades of White Part 2: Warm Whites

Dura Supreme’s Classic White and Antique White paint are two fantastic finish options in the warm white category.  Warm whites have a creamy appearance, the more yellow tint added to the base, the creamier the white becomes. 

Warm white painted kitchen and bath cabinet finishes. Antique White and Classic White from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Classic White is a more subtle warm white with just enough tint to take away the cool edge of a straight white.

Classic White Cabinet Paint Finish

Antique White has even more of a yellow tint and when compared to White, Antique White can look like the palest yellow.

Antique White Cabinet paint finish from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Classic White and Antique White coordinate with almost any stain color that Dura Supreme offers.  From Wheat to Peppercorn, there is a stain and warm white paint combination that will work beautifully in almost any environment.

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