The Surprising New Cabinet Color Trend: Gray

The incredible popularity of the color gray for interiors is still on the rise and homeowners are embracing this beautiful, soft, rich color in every room of the home!  From light gray to dark gray and every shade in between, gray is being used as a neutral background color, an accent color or even the dominant color.

A few months ago, Dura Supreme introduced a beautiful palette of gray paints and kitchen designers across the country enthusiastically embraced these new paints! 

Dura Supreme's Gray Paints for Cabinetry, Pearl, Silver Mist, Moonstone, Zinc and Storm Gray.

Now, Dura Supreme has introduced a new palette of gray stains that will blend beautifully with gray interiors! 

Dura Supreme Cabinetry's Gray Cabinet Stains; Cashew, Morel, Caraway, Praline, and Poppy Seed.

These gray-toned stains have a true brown base color (without a red or yellow undertone) that will coordinate with white paints, gray wall colors, gray countertops and tiles.  The image below shows an example of how well a true brown stain (like Dura Supreme's new "Praline") works with a gray palette.

Brown stain with gray interior.

Here are a few examples of gray stains used in kitchens ...

Gray stained kitchen design with warm wood tones.

Dura Supreme's new "Morel" or "Caraway" stain would work well for the kitchen shown above.

Gray stained kitchen

The kitchen above uses a stain similar to Dura Supreme's new "Poppy Seed", with a paint similar to Dura Supreme's "Latte".  These colors blend beautifull with the gray-brown flooring and gray upholstery on the chairs.

Gray stained kitchen.

Gray stained kitchen.

Dura Supreme's new "Cashew" stain would be an ideal match for the kitchen shown above.


Darker Gray stained kitchen.

Dura Supreme's "Caraway" finish is a darker gray stain similar to the kitchen shown above.


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