There's No Turning Back

One of our changes to the space is to create a real pass-through.  In the original kitchen there was sort of a pass-through to the dining room; very small and too high off the countertop to have any purpose other than being a trimmed out hole in the wall.  We wondered if the original contractor had framed the opening thinking that this was where the doorway was supposed to be, realized his mistake and tried to make it into some sort of design element.  We’ll never know!

The original opening. Creating a pass through in a kitchen remodel.

After verifying that we were not dealing with a load bearing wall, we cut into the sheet rock to create the opening size that made a whole lot more sense.  We removed the sheet rock to expose the framing; everything was looking good, no hidden wires or pipes, just some 2x4’s.  It was a little nerve wracking watching my husband cut off the one stud that was running floor to ceiling.  What’s going to happen?  What if we were wrong and it is a load bearing wall? Remodeling angst was creeping in! Ultimately everything was fine, we reframed the opening and were pretty pleased with ourselves and the fact that the house did not fall down.

Creating a Pass Thought during a kitchen remodel project. The outline of the old opening along with the new

Because we were enlarging the existing opening we had several pieces of sheet rock that we planned on reusing to fill in the gaps around the new opening.  My husband did a fantastic job, but ended up using a lot of little pieces which would involve some serious taping and mud work.  While I can patch a simple hole in the wall, I firmly believe the art of finishing sheet rock should be left to the professionals.  I know this from experience, it takes a lot of skill which neither of us possess.  Our neighbor, though, is a professional and offered to bail us out.  The result was better than we could have anticipated and so worth it!

The new pass through opening in the wall. Remodeling the kitchen before photos.

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