What Refrigerator Style Is Best For You?

When you grab the eggs and bacon out of the refrigerator to whip up breakfast why are you walking toward the patio with your arms full rather than headed straight for the range?  Does that extra large metal door create a sort of obstacle course that forces you to do an end around, kicking it shut with your foot as you clear the other side? If that describes your kitchen there’s a refrigerator hinging issue going on which could easily have been or still may be corrected. 

Kitchen Photo with Fridge Problem Design courtesy www.thekitchn.com

In many cases it’s a simple fix or something that you can easily avoid when it’s time to buy a new refrigerator. When it comes to creating a well functioning kitchen the types of appliances you select have a huge impact on the layout.  When the refrigerator is hinged on the wrong side, or the style of the refrigerator is pointing you in the wrong direction it makes it that much more difficult to load and unload the items that you need to use.

Today there are a number of different refrigerator configurations which makes selecting the appropriate style for your design so important. Basic refrigerator styles include Top Mount Freezer, Bottom Mount Freezer, and Side by Side. The top or bottom mount refrigerators can be ordered with a specific hinging, and on some models hinging is actually reversible in the field.  The side by side models are always freezer on the left, refrigerator on the right.  The point of selecting a model that has you moving in the right direction (towards the range and/or sink) rather than away makes moving around the kitchen more efficient and safer as well. 

If you live with this problem on a daily basis, look at your refrigerator, especially if it’s a top mount freezer style.  If there are two plastic plugs on the side of the door that doesn’t have the handle you are in luck.  Get out the screwdriver and change the hinging. There are several websites that offer complete instructions on how to do this.  If it’s time for a new refrigerator or even a whole new kitchen, think through the layout and research the different models and styles of refrigerators before you buy that floor model that’s going to save you money.  If the hinging is wrong it may not be worth it.

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