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Welcome to Select Cabinetry! Here you will find everything you need to sell, design, and order your Select Cabinetry projects.

Style Guides

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To order printed copies of Select Styling Guides, contact your customer care team.

20-20 Electronic Catalogs

Select the Select Cabinetry catalog link below of your choice and save it to your desktop. Once the download is complete, use the ‘Install from Archive’ option in the ‘Catalog Tools’ of 20-20 to install each catalog.

  • We provide 2 identical versions of each catalog to support designers/dealers that frequently design with multiple wood species, door styles or finishes within the same design.
  • Dura Supreme cannot guarantee the pricing accuracy of 20-20 software. To ensure accurate pricing, we recommend verifying it against your acknowledgment and/or pricing with DuraLink.
  • Our electronic catalogs can only be installed on systems running 20-20 version 9.1 or later. Please contact 20-20 to update your version if necessary.
  • The “User Code” for the options are not specific Select Cabinetry codes but, unique codes created to either define specific combinations of options or reduce the number of questions required for a product. All Select Cabinetry specific ordering information is included in the “Manufacturer Code” and the description field of the record.
20-20 Catalog Downloads:

Select Cabinetry A: Updated November 10th, 2020 [CW20_3A.Zip, 163MB]
Select Cabinetry B: Updated November 10th, 2020 [CW20_3B.Zip, 163MB]

Need More Help? Have More Questions?

For general Select Cabinetry product questions or to order printed copies of the Select Cabinetry Style Guide Brochures, contact your consumer care team.
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