5 Tips for Organizing Your Mudroom

For us here in the upper Midwest, a “mudroom” is considered a necessity and is an important part of a home’s floor plan.  For families with kids, a mudroom is a critical consideration in building, buying or remodeling a home.

Regardless of where you live or how much snow and mud (or beach sand) is being tracked into your house, a mudroom serves as a buffer between the interior and exterior of the home and is usually located just off the garage.  A mudroom is a high traffic area that is used daily and is designed to handle dirt, wear and tear and ideally, it’s a room that helps keep a family organized!

At a bare minimum, a mud room should have closet/storage space, lots of hooks for hanging coats and jackets, and a bench to provide seating while putting on or taking off shoes.  Although this room’s main purpose is functional, there is no reason it can’t be attractive and inviting, and make organization easy.

As a family of 6 with 4 kids, our mudroom is essential in keeping us organized.  Especially during the work week when 4 kids are heading out the door to school and the 2 adults are heading to work.  Having backpacks, shoes, sports equipment, soccer gear, keys and phones in one organized area saves a lot of frustration in the mornings.  It also keeps dirt and snow from being tracked through the house and it gives each child a place to organize and store their personal belongings.

My top 5 tips for organizing a mudroom:

Tip #1   Dura Supreme boot-bench and locker cabinetry:  Dura Supreme has designed an excellent mudroom system with deep drawers to hold shoes along with open cubbies or lockers for hanging coats and organizing backpacks and sports equipment.    Dura Supreme also makes a boot bench with a short drawer and an open area below.  Shoes can be conveniently tucked under the drawer, and the drawer organizes keys, cell phones, ipods, , mittens, hats, etc.


Dura Supreme boot bench and locker cabinetry

Tip #2   A cubby or locker for each child:  For our family, each child has their own drawer and locker and they are expected to keep their stuff off the floor and in their locker.  Having their own designated storage space makes this much easier.

Dura Supreme boot bench and locker cabinetry

Tip #3   Label it:  If you are using baskets or plastic bins, clearly label them so you know what is inside at a glance.  Label locker compartments and hooks too.  There are so many great “labeling” ideas online to help make this space personal and give your child ownership.

Photo from www.simplynaturaldecor.blogspot.com

Tip #4   Lots of hooks:  Can you ever have enough hooks?

Photo from Skona Hem magazine via www.highstreetmarket.blogspot.com

Tip #5   Make it convenient:  If everything is labeled and organized, the space becomes more convenient and almost helps to organize itself.  If it’s easy to put away or hang up, it gets done.

Dura Supreme boot bench and mirrored hall tree

Dura Supreme cabinetry has endless ideas and cabinetry for organizing a mudroom and personalizing it for your home.  We’d love to see photos of your mudroom using Dura Supreme cabinetry.  Please share your ideas by sending photos to marketing@durasupreme.com

Below are just a few more images I found online that provide great ideas for creating a mudroom that uniquely fits you and your family!

Photo from www.smallburst.com

Photo from www.anthropologie.com

 Photo from www.smallburst.com

Photo from www.suite101/homemanagement.com

Photo from www.thisoldhouse.com

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