How Color Forecasters Track & Predict Color Trends

Walking into clothing stores at the beginning of a new season, it was fascinating to me to see the landscape of color change with the new season and to see so many stores featuring a similar color story. 

One year it was shades of orange splashed across the clothing displays and the next year, the color story was decidedly purple.  Understanding that there is a considerable length of time between design, manufacturing and when clothing actually made it into the stores, I found it amazing that they were all telling a similar color story (not exactly the same, but similar).

Being a part of that process now, I understand how color trends are developed and then seem to magically reproduce and permeate everything from clothing fashion to home interiors to technology and more. 

Because cabinetry is the focal point of a kitchen (and the kitchen is the heart of the home), Dura Supreme stays on top of cutting edge color trends.  However, because cabinetry is a large investment and a permanent fixture (not easily replaced or changed like paint color on a wall or throw pillows on a couch), our design team gives careful consideration to color trends but looks for opportunities to create long-term classic colors that will complement short-term color trends.

An example is the recent popularity of tangerine orange, a beautiful, vibrant red-orange that looks spicy and fabulous on soft-goods like throw pillows, furniture and accessories, but does not translate to cabinetry.  However – there are certain paint colors (our Whites, Latte and Graphite) and stain colors (our Clove, Peppercorn and Cocoa Brown) that would specifically complement an orange color scheme.  We regularly tweak and introduce new finish colors to make sure our cabinetry complements current and future color trends.

There are many methods of forecasting and tracking color trends and one organization that does just that is CMG (Color Marketing Group).  Each year, CMG holds regional, national and international meetings with color designers from every industry.  Our job during those meetings is to discuss, argue, negotiate and present our professional opinions on current and future color trends.  The national meeting is an intense 4-day effort where color forecasting information is compiled and discussed and finally brought to vote so that the organization can publish an annual color forecast. 

Color forecasting and color trend prediction. How do they do that?

Professionals Predicting Upcoming Color Trends at a Color Forecasting Meeting.

Color Forecasting Professionals Gathered to Predict Upcoming Color Trends in Fashion, technology and Home Goods


Color designers from thousands of different organizations then use that information to implement colors into their product offering – that’s where the magic happens!  Those color trends that are passionately argued for and agreed upon finally become part of each company’s next product launch. The beauty of this process is that no two designers are going to interpret the color forecasts in exactly the same way.  So different companies will develop different variations but the basic color forecast weaves its way into a variety of product offerings until it becomes a favorite of customers.

Dura Supreme is about to launch a new paint palette that is sure to become a classic and an immediate favorite for kitchens, baths and beyond!  Stay tuned for more information in September as we launch our exciting new palette of paints!

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