FAQ: Crown Molding for Cabinets

Why do they call it Crown Molding? 

Crown Molding is a generic term for the top molding that caps off an element, whether it be cabinetry, a piece of furniture or hiding the seam between the wall and the ceiling.  

Example of Large Beaded Cove Molding and Profiled Solid Stock  from Dura Supreme Cabinetry used to create a 2 Piece Crown molding on top of these kitchen cabinets.

What does Crown Molding do? 

Crown Molding is typically used a decorative element. It adds dimension and detail to the room, drawing the eye upward. The shape of the molding can create interesting shadows and enhance the overall design. Crown Molding at the top of a wall cabinet can also be used as a functional piece to cover the space between the wall cabinet and the ceiling.  

Crown molding used on kitchen cabinets with different cabinet heights. Cabinets from Dura

Is there a design rule that states you should install molding on the tops of your wall and tall cabinets?

There are no hard and fast rules that force you to add a piece of molding to the tops of your cabinets. Although many full overlay wall and tall cabinets are designed with a wider reveal at the top specifically for the installation of some type of molding. Traditional and Transitional styles lend themselves well to the use of Crown Molding. Contemporary or Modern designs, which are more clean lined, often do not require a Crown Molding. 

A Contemporary Dura Supreme Kitchen Without Crown Molding

How do you choose the right style of Crown Molding for your cabinetry?

A general rule of thumb is to use a simple molding, one with fewer curves and details, with a simple door style. The more detailed door style, a more detailed crown would be appropriate. The height of the Crown Molding should also be taken into consideration, a large room with high ceilings and taller cabinets can handle larger molding. If the room is smaller and the ceilings lower, a large molding would overtake the space. Proportion and scale are key.

A variety of different styles of Crown and Cove Molding on Cabinets from Dura Surpeme Cabinetry.

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