What Are Inset Cabinets?

When pondering a kitchen project in today’s world people typically start pinning and creating idea books with images of their dream kitchens. It is interesting to note that often times these images contain inset cabinets and when you point that out, most people are not even aware of it. 

A Dura Supreme kitchen island with inset cabinet construction shown without a beaded frame for a sleek transitional look for a modern day kitchen.

Inset style cabinetry can be traced back to early construction methods used by artisans that hand built cabinetry. The door and drawer front would be sized to fit inside the face frame of the cabinet, creating a flush looking front. When you look at antique pieces of furniture, you will notice that many of these were built with the inset method of construction. Fast forward to today and the inset method of construction is still going strong. Along with the doors and drawer fronts being set into the face frame there are a few other styling options that inset cabinetry offers.

Beaded inset cabinet doors create a more traditional look in a kitchen design. This is one example of inset cabinetry constuction from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

The inside edge of a standard face frame typically has a square or slightly eased edge. Inset cabinetry allows the option of putting a bead around the face frame to add an additional design element. The type of hinges used on inset cabinets can also be specified; a concealed hinge, installed on the inside of the cabinet or a decorative barrel type hinge that is visible even when the cabinet door is shut.

Inset cabinetry is definitely a look that has withstood the test of time.

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