Simply Supreme. 300 Dura Drive Howard Lake, MN 55349 ©2018 Dura Supreme, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Form#900.5160 (04/18) CONTEMPORARY STYLING FOR BRIA FULL-ACCESS CABINETRY Contemporary styling has become a definitively popular design theme within recent years. Characterized by sleek, clean lines, contemporary styling takes a minimalist approach to design. A monochromatic color scheme is a popular choice for contemporary styling. Oftentimes natural materials with an interesting texture or grain pattern are incorporated into the design to create an accent or focal point. Hardware is usually sleek and emphasizes horizontal lines with long tubular pulls or flat linear pulls. Accessories (i.e. tables, bar stools and lighting) will typically have minimal ornamentation. Dura Supreme’s selection of contemporary door styles offers a distinctive array of colors, textures and gloss levels to explore and create your personal style. Available for our Bria full-access (frameless) cabinetry, your Dura Supreme kitchen designer can guide you through the selections to create a one-of-a-kind contemporary kitchen.