Working with a kitchen designer

Starting on the journey to your dream kitchen

Embarking on a new cabinetry purchase can feel like an extremely daunting task at the outset, with an array of decisions to make and an impending construction period on the horizon. We are here to help alleviate that stress and ensure you achieve the kitchen of your dreams. New cabinetry often accompanies a once-in-a-lifetime renovation, and the guidance to know the right layout, design, and function for you makes a world of difference. Here’s what you need to get started.

First Steps

Where to begin

At the start of the process, you no doubt have some idea about what you hope to achieve with your new cabinetry — but how to reach that final result is often not as clear. Here are some steps to get you started down the right path.

Cabinet installation during the kitchen remodel process.
Evaluate your current kitchen

Take a look at the existing space and determine how you’d like the newly remodeled room to function. This can include noting what’s NOT working in your current kitchen, and a wishlist for improvements you’d like to make. 

Look for ideas and inspiration

Start looking at other kitchens to spark your own creativity. Our Design + Style Gallery and Inspiration Gallery both provide a vast array of concepts sure to please. Use our Favorites Tool to save your favorite looks and design elements all in one place.

Determine your budget

Knowing how much you’re willing to invest in your new kitchen will play an integral role in the rest of the process.

Work with a professional

The seemingly impossible task of achieving your dream kitchen is made simple with the guidance of an experienced kitchen design professional. Find your nearest Dura Supreme professional designer to get started.

Design and planning

This will involve some back and forth between you and the designer as you plan the layout and feel of your new space. You’ll form a relationship centered on collaboration to refine the wants and needs of your space.


Your designer will work with you to help navigate the construction period to keep your life moving as smoothly as possible. And trust us — the result will be worth it.

Relax and enjoy

The kitchen of your dreams is now a reality, and simply yours to share and enjoy. Our Kitchen Love Stories highlight the results other homeowners have enjoyed with Dura Supreme.

A Helping Hand

Working with a Kitchen Designer

Creating your dream kitchen is not an easy process. Your kitchen designer is your partner in making that dream come true. In sharing your inspirations with them and telling them what you hope to accomplish with your new cabinetry, they serve as the channel between your desires and the final result. A kitchen designer will help you:

  • Work with your budget for your new cabinetry and renovation
  • Achieve the right function and design
  • Determine the best layout for your new space
  • Source and coordinate all parts of your kitchen into a cohesive design — from cabinetry and countertops to appliances and fixtures
Making Selections

Selecting your Finish

The tone and color of a finish can appear differently in various lighting conditions and environments. You should never make your final finish sections for your home based entirely on printed materials, photography, or online photos. It’s best to see samples in person. Here are some additional tips to help ensure the finish you choose is one you’ll love for years.

Storage Planning

Elegance Inside + Out

While the external details are what will garner years of admiration from family and friends, it’s the internal accessories of your cabinetry that will make you smile each and every day. From corner storage and beverage centers to space for cookware, cutlery, and spices, we’ll work with you to ensure your cabinets are designed to meet the unique performance needs of your space.

Emergent Construction, Indiana
Emergent Construction, Indiana
What to Expect

Surviving a Remodel

During a remodel, your home is in a momentary state of construction, but is still a space in which you need to live until the process is complete. Your Dura Supreme designer is here to help you navigate that process and help you think through tasks like packing up your kitchen, setting up a temporary kitchen, and more.

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