HERITAGE PAINT Available: Crestwood & Bria This finish collection is designed to look like a family heirloom that has been refinished over time and reveals layers of color and hand- detailing. A stain color is applied before the paint and then corners and edges are chipped to reveal the underlying stain color. This artistic finish application will exhibit unique, subtle variations. 19 Maple/Heritage “E” CHIPPED CORNERS GLAZE Mapl e/He ritage “A” BIRD PECK Mapl e/He ritage “H” CHIPPED EDGES LIGHT SPATTER B - HAZELNUT/ BLACK/ SHADOW A - CASHEW/ ANTIQUE WHITE/ COFFEE J - CASHEW/ PEARL/ SHADOW F - PRALINE/ LATTE/ SHADOW H - MOREL/ ZINC/ SHADOW E - HAZELNUT/ STORM GRAY/ COFFEE M AP LE & KN OT TY AL DE R