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5 Steps to Personally Designing Your Bathroom Furniture with Dura Supreme Cabinetry

The new Bath Furniture Collection by Dura Supreme lets you choose from a large array of options and customize them to suit your specific space and your personal taste.

Jan 26, 2016
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The Hardest Working Cabinet in Your Kitchen. The cabinet for your grabage can and recycling bin!

Gone are the days of a garbage can under the sink or a freestanding waste receptacle tucked off in the corner of the kitchen.  Today every well-designed kitchen should have a dedicated cabinet for the trash and/or recycling. Whether the unit has a single bin or double, this cabinet is opened and closed multiple times a day.

Jan 25, 2016
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Gray is Classic and Timeless

Designers are often asked about gray and whether or not gray color schemes in interior design (and for kitchen cabinetry) are a passing fad or a long term trend.  

Jan 19, 2016
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Planning for an Open Floor Plan Blog

The homeowners of this Danville, CA home had dreamed of an open floor plan for years. They had an older styled home with a separated dining room that was rarely used. They felt their kitchen was lacking in storage and always hoped to expand it.

Jan 07, 2016

Drawers can some of the most useful and versatile storage areas in the kitchens, if you take the time to think through how you want them to function.  By adding different accessories to a drawer, you can create a customized storage area that is uniquely yours.

Jan 04, 2016
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Dreaming of a White Christmas Kitchen

Are you dreaming of a white kitchen? Stylish, sleek white kitchens are a timeless look that is surging in popularity. White painted cabinetry is more popular than ever before. It’s easy to see why, white makes a room look bigger and brighter. It also creates a beautiful backdrop for emphasizing other elements of the design.

Dec 17, 2015
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Cross Country Kitchen Remodel

Let’s say you live on the East Coast but plan on moving to the West Coast.  You have found the perfect property, but it needs some updating. How do you find a design firm that you can work with remotely?

Dec 14, 2015

This Georgia couple wanted to create a kitchen space that gave a warm, intimate welcome to friends, family and grandkids and they selected the design experts at Splash Kitchens & Baths in LaGrange, GA to make their dream a reality.

Dec 07, 2015
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In Love with Knotty Alder. The homeowners of this newly built home in Northville, MI knew the look they wanted for their new kitchen when they discovered Knotty Alder wood species.

The homeowners of this newly built home in Northville, MI knew the look they wanted for their new kitchen when they discovered Knotty Alder wood species. They fell in love with its rustic and informal characteristics.

Nov 24, 2015

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that centers around just a meal.  There are no gifts to wrap, trees to decorate or cards to write.  Sure,you can't forget about the  football and shopping that have been added into the mix. However, in its most pure form the holiday has always been about the Thanksgiving dinner and the family and friends that come together.

Nov 23, 2015
Cabinet Stain Colors Trend Toward Brown

Like fashion, trends in interior design shift over the years.  Although with interior design and its significant investment, "classic and timeless" design is often at the forefront of decisions.

Nov 16, 2015
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A Kitchen that Reaches New Heights

This beautiful kitchen designed by Bella Domicile, Inc. in Madison, WI reaches new heights by taking advantage of vertical elements to add visual space to this Wisconsin kitchen.

Nov 09, 2015
Voiding a Corner Cabinet in a Kitchen Design, What does that Mean?

Many kitchen layouts involve a corner or two, does it mean that you need to plan for a corner cabinet of some type to fill the space?  Corner wall cabinets typically require 24” or more of space out of each corner. Base corner cabinet space requirements can range from 33” to 42” out of each corner.  Blind corner cabinets utilize the standard 24” of depth, but need a minimum width of 39”.

Nov 02, 2015
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Initially falling in love with the beautiful wooded lot, this young couple purchased their new home planning to remodel the kitchen area to make room for a future family.  The confined culinary space was their immediate focus, and they sought out Megan Courtney of CabinetStyle in Coralville, Iowa to collaborate and design their new kitchen.

Oct 28, 2015
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A cabinet is simply a cabinet until you add an interior accessory item that gives that cabinet a very specific function. Add a tray divider kit to a base cabinet and now that cabinet has become a designated spot for cookie sheets and party trays.

Oct 19, 2015
Categories: Storage

Breaking ground on his new dream home in Florida, this Floridian knew he wanted a modern masterpiece, with ultra-sleek, minimalist style.  Kitchen designer, Victoria Hessler of Distinguished Kitchens of Baths of Boca Raton, FL, actualized his vision with Dura Supreme cabinetry.

Oct 12, 2015

When selecting that perfect door style for your cabinetry project a multitude of options present themselves.  Flat panel or raised, mitered or mortis and tenon, five piece or slab drawer fronts, and if you are considering framed cabinetry, standard or full overlay.

Oct 05, 2015

"This couple enjoys cooking together regularly, so they each wanted designated space for cooking and prepping," explained Lindsey Markel of Dillman & Upton, Rochester, MI.  Understanding how the couple works together in the kitchen was the inspiration behind Markel's creation of two separate work zones.

Sep 28, 2015
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Inset Cabinets, Inset Cabinetry Construction. What does inset cabinetry mean?

When pondering a kitchen project in today’s world people typically start pinning and creating idea books with images of their dream kitchens.  It is interesting to note that often times these images contain inset cabinetry and when you point that out, most people are not even aware of it. 

Sep 21, 2015
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"They loved the wood beams, brick walls, arched windows and concrete floors of a newly renovated, historic warehouse and wanted the kitchen to work perfectly and perform beautifully!" explained Leslie Meyers of Mingle in Plymouth, MN. 



Sep 14, 2015
Cabinet Installer's Hammer Close Up

With so many decisions to be made before and during a kitchen remodel project, there is a critical component of the process that cannot be overlooked.  Who is going to do the cabinet installation?  A good cabinet installer is worth his or her weight in gold.  Their skill and expertise can make or break the project

Sep 08, 2015
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A Master Bath Remodel With Style

Take a dated 80’s oak bathroom, infuse it with 21st century style, and admire the stunning result!  Designer Jeff Topolinski, of Hines Supply in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, worked his creative magic to design a beautifully styled master bath retreat using cabinetry from the new Dura Supreme Bath Furniture Collection.

Aug 24, 2015
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Creating a Color Scheme for your Kitchen Remodel

One important element with any design project is the development of a "design path" (or "color path"), that creates a coherent, well-planned look for the entire space.  Oftentimes this is called a "color board" and all the swatches, finishes and fabrics are laid out together to see the entire room (or entire home) and how all the design elements coordinate and work together.

Aug 17, 2015
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Child raiding refrigerator

A refrigerator is often the largest appliance in the kitchen.  In the last few years appliance manufacturers have made great strides in the overall look and styling of these units, but they still are big, rectangular boxes that can dominate the room. In the kitchen pictured below the beautiful stainless appliances are prominently featured.

Aug 03, 2015
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Mudroom locker with coat hook

For those living in the upper Midwest, a “mudroom” is considered a necessity and is an important part of a home’s floor plan.  For families with kids, a mudroom is a critical consideration in building, buying or remodeling a home.

Jul 27, 2015
Categories: Storage

Built in dishwashers today have several different style options to choose from. A popular choice is a model with a finish that matches the other kitchen appliances, commonly white, black or stainless steel. But, maybe you don’t want to break up the beautiful line of cabinetry with a metal box.

Jul 20, 2015
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Dura Supreme floating vanity in Lyptus with Silverton door style.

Bathrooms and powder rooms are a popular focus for remodeling because the results can be so dramatic, creating a beautiful environment with outstanding storage and organization.  In addition, bathrooms can be a less expensive room to remodel - and less disruptive to your everyday life! 

Jul 14, 2015
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The science behind the microwave oven was developed after World War II, but the appliance that most of us use today did not start to become a standard in the home kitchen until the 1970’s. Those early microwave ovens were huge, large enough to cook a turkey, and they sat on the counter taking up a lot of space. 

Jul 06, 2015
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White bathroom cabinet with white handle

"Clean", contemporary design for bathrooms has become a popular look, partly because of the trend toward modern, contemporary styling and partly because of homeowners' desires for an uncluttered and sleek look for bath environments. 

Jun 29, 2015
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Why do they call it Crown Molding? 

Crown Molding is a generic term for the top molding that caps off an element, whether it be cabinetry,  a piece of furniture or hiding the seam between the wall and the ceiling.  

Jun 22, 2015
Categories: Kitchens
Example of a color path

One important element with any design project is the development of a "design path" (or "color path"), that creates a coherent, well-planned look for the entire space.  Oftentimes this is called a "color board" and all the swatches, finishes and fabrics are laid out together to see the entire room (or entire home) and how all the design elements coordinate and work together.

Jun 15, 2015
White Cabinetry in a Modern Bath. White Vanity Cabients.

White cabinetry used in the bathroom is a classic look that never gets old.  No matter what the design style, a white on white color palette in the bathroom makes an elegant statement.  It is clean, polished and pristine. 

Jun 08, 2015
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Dura Supreme cabinetry

With an ideal location in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, this dated Victorian residence had "beautiful bones" but had been sitting on the market for a year before being purchased with plans to revitalize the interior.  Interior designer, Noel Han, explained, "Historical Victorian homes in this area often have beautiful architectural elements that I aim to preserve, but the f

Jun 01, 2015
Cabinet Handles

Several decades back, in an era of not so great design, placing the hardware in the center of the cabinet doors was the “thing” to do. There’s nothing technically wrong with placing the hardware in the middle of the door, but it does date the kitchen. 

May 26, 2015
Categories: Remodeling
Kitchen color palette

One important element with any design project is creating a "design path", or "color path", that creates a coherent, well planned look for the entire space.  Oftentimes this is called a "color board" where all the swatches, finishes and fabrics are laid out together to see the entire room (or entire home) and how all the design elements coordinate and work together. 

May 18, 2015
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An Update on Quarter-Sawn Oak

Quarter-Sawn Oak became popular in in the early 20th Century as part of the Arts & Crafts movement.  The method in which the log is cut gives Quarter-Sawn Oak its distinctive appearance. Striped grain lines, with rays and flecks in the graining make this species easily identifiable.

May 11, 2015
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Kitchen cabinet solutions - Coffee Maker cabinet

A "beautiful" kitchen can be defined in so many different ways, but it's just as much about design, color and proportion as it is function.  Stephanie Frees, owner of Plain & Posh, Westmont, IL explained, "We work closely with our customers to define exactly how they use their kitchen space and then we develop a design for that space that delivers solutions.  Not only in the overall design

May 05, 2015
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Stylish Bathroom Linen Storage

Linen storage cabinetry in the bathroom should be functional, but it can be stylish as well. The traditional tall linen cabinet with doors above and below provides a perfect spot for all those items you need close at hand in the bathroom.

Apr 27, 2015
Categories: Baths, Storage
Open Shelving Unit

It seems that the standard for open shelving is moving away from the bookcase cabinet or a cabinet without doors to the stand alone open shelf.  These open shelves, whether floating or supported with some type of brackets, are appearing in more and more kitchens as another option for storage and display.

Apr 06, 2015
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2015 Kitchen and Bath Style Report

Every year The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) surveys their members of kitchen and bath designers across the United States and Canada.  Their responses provide insight into design trends that will take hold in the kitchen and bath market in 2015.  While broad trends won't be evident in every local market, the following are the Top 3 overall trends for kitchens and baths.

Mar 30, 2015
Categories: Kitchens, Baths, Trends
Kitchen Design to Complement Entire Home in Puget Sound, Washington

Nestled along the waterfront, this home near Puget Sound in Washington had a disjointed interior that did not take advantage of the beautiful and expansive views of the water.  When the homeowners were ready to remodel, they contacted Vawn Greany of Collaborative Interiors (Mercer Island,WA).

Mar 23, 2015
Focus on the Modern Bathroom, Modern Style, Floating Bath Vanities

How do you achieve that clean, modern look in a bathroom?  What if you want to create the illusion of a larger room? Floating vanities are the perfect choice for that space saving, minimalistic look.

Mar 16, 2015
Categories: Baths
Pull Out Storage Kitchen Cabinet by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Designers are often asked how they can maximize the storage space within a kitchen while still allowing for all the decorative details such as turned posts or columns.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to utilize Dura Supreme's pull-outs for spice storage, tray dividers, towel bar or cutlery which can be conveniently tucked behind the decorative turned post or column.  Pull-out storage is

Mar 09, 2015
Categories: Storage
Stacks of wood

The use of texture in interiors is nothing new.  But the use of rustic looking wood finishes is a trend that has migrated from architectural elements, like flooring and exposed beams, to furniture and now cabinetry.

Feb 23, 2015
Categories: Trends

The last layout in our discussion of the different layouts most commonly used in kitchen design is the Single-wall kitchen.

Feb 16, 2015
Categories: Kitchens
Paint color choices. Color is a Personal Preference

Color is a highly personal preference for most people and although there are certainly specific colors considered "on-trend" or "fashionable", color choices should ultimately be based on what appeals to you personally.  As a designer, I am often asked about color trends and how to incorporate them into a newly designed or renovated interior.  And although trends and fashion should be taken into

Feb 09, 2015
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Creating Convenient Kitchen Corner Storage in Base Cabinets

The options for corner base cabinets are very similar to the corner wall cabinet options; diagonal, square corner (pie-cut) or blind.  There are, however, more internal storage accessory options available for base corner cabinets than are available for wall corner cabinets. 

Feb 02, 2015
Categories: Storage
Galley Kitchen Design Layout with Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Up next in our discussion of the different layouts most commonly used in kitchen design is the Galley or Corridor kitchen.

Jan 26, 2015
Categories: Kitchens
Bath Furniture Cabinetry. Bathroom Cabinets.

Although the kitchen is the heart of the home, bathrooms (including powder rooms and the master bath) are just as important and hard working.

Jan 19, 2015
Categories: Baths, Products
Kitchen Wall Cabinets for Corners

Cabinets for corners in kitchen are typically a diagonal, square (pie-cut) or blind.  Is one better than another?  That depends on several factors including the amount of space available, the functionality you prefer, and the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Jan 05, 2015
Categories: Kitchens

Let's continue our discussion the different layouts most commonly used in kitchens.  Over the past few weeks, we have discussed both the L-shaped and the U-shaped kitchen.  Up next - the G-shaped kitchen layout.

Dec 29, 2014
Categories: Kitchens
Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year Marsala

Drumroll please ... and the color of the year for 2015 is ....

Dec 23, 2014
Categories: Trends
Cabinet doors

What is the advantage of storing items behind cabinet doors? The basic method of storage inside a cabinet is shelving. A standard wall, base or tall cabinet will come with a specific number of shelves based on the height of the cabinet.

Dec 15, 2014
Categories: Storage
U-Shaped Kitchen Designed by Kitchens of Diablo in Danville, CA

In my last blog post, we explored one of the five fundamental layouts for kitchens - the L-shaped kitchen  This week, we will explore the U-shaped kitchen layout in more detail. 

Dec 08, 2014
Categories: Kitchens
gray and white color choices

Like classic black and white photography, interior design that utilizes a black and white color scheme (or it's slight variation gray and white) will always be an iconic look.  Dark shades of gray will continue to be a popular look in home interiors, and because they are a shade off from black, they are considered a softer more subtle look.

Dec 01, 2014
Categories: Trends
Drawer handles

What are the advantages of using drawers for storing items?

Nov 24, 2014
Categories: Storage
L-Shaped Kitchen Designed by Splash Kitchens and Baths in LaGrange, GA

The kitchen layout is the shape that is made by the arrangement of the countertop, major appliances and storage areas. This floor plan creates the kitchen's work triangle - the path that you make when moving from the refrigerator, to the sink, to the range to prepare a meal.

Nov 17, 2014
Categories: Kitchens

With custom cabinetry, there are so many ways to incorporate cabinetry in other areas of the home to create architectural beauty as well as functional storage.  Because custom cabinetry can be crafted in almost any shape or size, with moldings and valances to create rich architectural detail, designers look beyond the kitchen and bath to create storage solutions and built-in cabinetry.

Nov 10, 2014
Categories: Inspiring Designs

When empty nesters Bill and Anne decided it was time to downsize they became the new owners of an almost perfect condo oozing with vintage charm.  The one exception in this beautiful space was the outdated, poorly laid out, small kitchen.

Nov 03, 2014
Categories: Kitchens, Trends, Remodeling
Top 3 Tips for Working with a Kitchen Designer. Loft Styled Kitchen Wall Cabinets from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Making the decision to remodel your kitchen or bath can be a difficult one to make. There are so many questions to ask and decisions to be made it can be difficult to know where to start.

Oct 27, 2014
Categories: Kitchens
planning and design process

Originally a lumber and millwork warehouse overlooking the river in Oshkosh WI in the late 1800s, this historic building was converted to loft condos in the 1980s.  By now, the finishes and materials were dated and with the existing small, tight galley kitchen, Dennis and Nancy were ready to remodel and create a kitchen that better suited the beautiful window views and their love of cooking and

Oct 20, 2014

Whether you come through the front door or the back, having a place to drop your things, take off your shoes, and hang up your coat keeps things looking organized and uncluttered.

Oct 13, 2014
Bold Color Complements a Contemporary Kitchen Design by KSI Kitchen & Bath

A bold pop of color complements a contemporary loft design in Michigan. 

Oct 06, 2014

In fashion, color trends vary with the seasons but for interior design, we look for long-term classic colors that will stand the test of time and your investment.  Dark Indigo is one of those colors that is very fashionable and "trendy" now in fashion, but it is a long term classic color whose peak in popularity will last for a long time. 

Sep 30, 2014
Categories: Trends

The open floor plan, where the kitchen and the main living area become one large space, continues to fill the need for the way the average family lives today. Gone are the closed off kitchens and the formal living rooms used only on holidays or for entertaining special guests.

Sep 22, 2014

“She has a colorful, enthusiastic and extravagant personality and that came through in her beautiful kitchen that was designed to welcome large gatherings of family and friends to their lakeside home,” explained Nanci Marsman, kitchen designer for Standale Interiors in Grand Rapids, MI.  “This couple was an absolute joy and dream to work with because they came to me with so many wonderful ideas

Sep 15, 2014
Categories: Inspiring Designs
Kitchen Story: Blending the Old with the New designed by Julie Holzman of Holzman Interiors, Inc.

Designer Julie Holzman of Holzman Interiors, Inc. know that this would be a unique and challenging project as soon as she spoke to her clients.  In fact, this project turned out to be her most dramatic "before" and "after" transformation.

Sep 09, 2014
Categories: Inspiring Designs

Solid, slab drawer fronts on the top drawers with five piece drawer fronts below is a look that has been around for a while. Years ago drawer fronts on kitchen cabinetry were most often a slab drawer of some type, either wood or metal.  As design preferences and manufacturing processes evolved, decorative five piece drawer fronts gained in popularity.

Sep 01, 2014
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5 Storage Solutions Every Kitchen Must Have by Dura Supreme

As a kitchen designer, I am constantly asked by consumers how to make my kitchen more functional.  The answer is easy - I design customized storage solutions to fit each and every customers unique storage needs to transform their kitchen into an efficient and organized workroom.

Here are the top 5 requested storage solutions every kitchen must have!

Aug 25, 2014
Categories: Kitchens, Storage
Rolled up blueprints

"The original kitchen was SO expansive, the homeowner felt "lost" in her kitchen with too many cabinets and an inefficient layout that had her walking all over the kitchen to cook a meal.  And the sad thing was, she loves to cook but did not enjoy spending time in her old kitchen," explained Tara Hutchens, CKD, CBD of Splash Kitchens and Baths in LaGrange, GA.

Aug 18, 2014

It’s taken three years and we are finally finished with our remodeling projects.

Aug 11, 2014
Categories: Remodeling
Kitchen Banquette Seating designed by Barbara Bright of San Francisco, California

With the kitchen being considered the heart of the home, it's no surprise that one of the most requested items for a new kitchen is a place for family and friends to gather.  Often times designers are asked to include a seating area incorporated into the kitchen island or peninsula.  However, that is not the only option.  I am seeing more and more designers using built-in cabinetry also known a

Aug 04, 2014
Categories: Kitchens

Without a doubt, white kitchens are a clear-cut consumer favorite for their crisp monochromatic color scheme and timeless style.  Despite the popularity of all-white kitchens, there are many homeowners that still prefer to incorporate color within their new kitchen.  The challenge for designers and homeowners is in creating a long-term, classic style while still incorporating the homeowners lov

Jul 28, 2014
Categories: Trends

The original plan for the upstairs remodel was to include a walk in closet directly off the bedroom.  But when we realized that the structural things we would need to change were going to make the whole project cost prohibitive, that idea was scrapped. 

Jul 21, 2014
Categories: Storage, Remodeling
Laundry Room Cabinets. Laundry Room Cabinetry.

Why confine cabinetry to the kitchen?  As open floor plans continue to gain popularity and kitchen spaces merge seamlessly with living spaces, it's only natural to extend cabinetry into other areas of the home to create architectural and design consistency. 

Jul 14, 2014
Categories: Storage, Inspiring Designs

Since we are on the topic of mirror (referencing Wendy Anderson's last blog post), let's explore the use of mirror within cabinetry as a creative alternative to regular clear glass.

Mirrors have been used as a decorative accent in home interiors for a long time.  They add a reflective quality and can make a room feel lighter and brighter and even more expansive.

Jul 07, 2014

One of the key design changes in the bathroom remodel was the addition of useable storage other than the vanity.  Prior to the demolition there was a 12” base cabinet and a couple of awkwardly placed towel bars directly behind the shower wall.  It was useless and unattractive as far as I was concerned.

Jun 30, 2014
Categories: Baths, Storage
Why Dura Supreme Cabinetry?

Your choice of cabinetry defines your home and exemplifies your lifestyle. Although other interior design elements can be updated to reflect popular trends, built-in cabinetry is a core architectural element that provides for your home's functional and aesthetic design for years to come. Choosing cabinetry is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home.

Jun 23, 2014
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Warm and Inviting Contemporary Kitchen Design featuring Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Some consider "warm and inviting contemporary" to be an oxymoron when in fact, sleek, modern contemporary design can be just that, warm and inviting. 

Jun 17, 2014
Categories: Kitchens

Cabinet hardware, although a small part of the whole project, still requires some serious thought as to style, finish and placement on the cabinetry. Should it be a knob or a pull?  Should the finish match the faucet or appliances or should it complement the cabinetry finish?  Exactly where on the doors and drawers should they be located?

Jun 09, 2014
Categories: Baths
Dramatic Kitchen Wood Hood by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Design is all about the details.  One of the details that many designers will include into their projects is to add a focal point within the space.  One of the easiest ways to achieve this focal point is by adding a dramatic wood hood over the cooking surface.  Dura Supreme offers many different styles and configurations of our wo

Jun 02, 2014
Categories: Kitchens
Contemporary Cabinets Inside and Out

As more and more homeowners opt for contemporary styling, Dura Supreme has developed a stainless steel drawer system so that the the cabinet interior is as sleek as the cabinet exterior.

This beautiful kitchen showcases minimalist design with high-gloss doors in White Acrylic and Mercury Wired Gloss Foil. 

May 29, 2014
Categories: Products

Form follows function is a phrase that you learn about early in your interior design education.  The concept originally was used when referring to architecture, but it also has applications for interior design as well.  What this means in the world of cabinetry is that the intended purpose (function) of a cabinet or overall layout should be where the design process starts.  What the design or c

May 19, 2014
Categories: Baths, Remodeling
Molding Treatments

Decorative molding is one of the easiest ways to add additional detail and dimension into your kitchen or bath project.  Even the smallest of details will make the most difference and have the biggest impact on the overall design of the room.   When used creatively, molding brings character and style to the design.

May 12, 2014

“We started with a lengthy wish list for their new kitchen and I was able to design in almost everything they hoped to achieve!” explained Jenny Ferguson of Drexel Building Supply in Berlin, Wisconsin.  The existing kitchen was not only short on counter space, but it was walled off from the dining room which made entertaining and interaction challenging.

May 05, 2014
Categories: Inspiring Designs

One of my responsibilities at Dura Supreme is to coordinate special projects which include photo shoots.  Beautiful photography of our cabinetry is essential. Whether our photography is featured in a brochure, magazine ad, or on an internet site such as Houzz or Pinterest, photographs tell a story, and show the possibilities.

Apr 28, 2014
Categories: Inspiring Designs
What is the Difference Between an Accent and a Glaze Cabinet Finish?

One of the most important decisions that you will make in your design or remodeling project is selecting which finish will complement your design style.  Dura Supreme offers many different finishes to choose from - everything from stained and painted finishes to our finish collections such as Weathered and

Apr 21, 2014
Categories: Products

The cool metal tones (stainless steel, nickel, chrome, etc.) that have outsold all other finishes on everything from decorative hardware, to faucets and to furniture, have become so popular they have begun to look commonplace. 

Apr 15, 2014
Categories: Trends

After a couple of months of looking at framing and roughed in plumbing we have sheetrock!  The taping, mudding and sanding are complete; it’s starting to look like a bathroom.  It’s always such a change when the walls get closed up and the space is truly defined. 

Apr 07, 2014
Categories: Baths, Remodeling
Roll-Out shelves in a cabinet with bottle storage.

The key to a well designed kitchen is not necessarily what you see on the outside.  It's what's on the inside that will truely make a difference on how well your kitchen functions.  Dura Supreme offers a variety of internal storage solutions designed to optimize, maximize and organize every valuable inch of your kitchen storage space.

Mar 31, 2014
Categories: Storage
Black is the New Gray in Interior Design

Black is making a come back!  Black has long been a classic and classy accent for interiors and even with the current popularity of gray, black is making a come back.


Dura Supreme Madison Door Stlye show in a Black finish

Mar 24, 2014
Categories: Trends

We continue to make slow progress on the bathroom remodel project.  Just when we think we have things figured out, structural issues seem to get in the way and it’s back to the drawing board.

Mar 17, 2014
Categories: Remodeling
Dura Supreme Cabinet Door in Linen White Paint Finish

A few months ago Wendy Anderson wrote a blog post titled "So Many Choices" in which she talked about her recent experience in meeting with a customer and how many different options there were for door style, wood specie and finish combinations.  Her blog post got me thinking about the importance of viewing an actual door

Mar 10, 2014
Categories: Kitchens, Baths
Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath Designers Casa Verde Design

In early February, kitchen designers and industry professionals from across the USA converged in Las Vegas for the annual Kitchen Bath Industry Show (KBIS) which was held in conjunction with the International Builder's Show (IBS).  Although final numbers have not been released, the two shows were expected to draw around 70,000 residential building professionals.

Mar 03, 2014
Categories: Trends
Double sinks in the bathroom

Is there some design rule out there that states a master bath should always have two sinks?  You would think that this is true if you watch enough of those remodeling shows on television.  How often is the main focus of an outdated bathroom the fact that it only has one sink?

Feb 24, 2014
Categories: Baths
Contemporary Urban Loft Kitchen Design featuring Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Every year The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) surveys their members of kitchen and bath designers across the United States and Canada.  Their responses provide insight into design trends that will take hold in the kitchen and bath market in 2014.  While broad trends won't be evident in every local market, the following are some overall trends for kitchens and baths.

Feb 17, 2014
Categories: Kitchens, Baths, Trends
Rubber Dock in Bubbles

When our house was built the original plans called for two bedrooms and a half bath on the second floor.  I always thought that was odd and not very functional, which at some point in time the original owners must have thought so too, because the bathroom was remodeled to include a tub. 

Feb 03, 2014
Categories: Baths, Remodeling
Creative Storage for Kids Rooms

Cabinetry doesn't have to be confined to the kitchen or bathroom... consider using cabinetry to create a platform bed for increased storage in a kids bedroom. 

Jan 27, 2014
Categories: Storage

Houzz recently surveyed homeowners about their bath remodeling plans and results are reported HERE.

Jan 20, 2014
Categories: Trends
Cabinetry-Not Just For Kitchens and Bathrooms

When it comes to cabinetry most people immediately think of kitchens and bathrooms.  This is where the majority of cabinetry is installed, designed in such a way as to fit the space, function efficiently for t

Jan 13, 2014
Categories: Storage
Kitchen Corner Storage Solutions

As a designer, one of the most common complaints I would hear from my new clients was the lack of usable storage space within their existing kitchen.  During the initial consultation of the project I would ask my clients to take inventory of their kitchen tools such as utensils, mixing bowls, cookware, small appliances etc.

Jan 06, 2014
Categories: Storage
Accent Finishes within a Kitchen design. Weathered wood cabinetry finish with white cabinets,

Our new "Weathered" finishes were introduced in September and already, beautiful kitchens and baths are being created with these unique looks!  Our new Weathered finishes are available in a variety of colors and have a uniquely textured surface that looks and feels like driftwood or weathered wood that has been reclaim

Dec 30, 2013
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Many people seem uncomfortable when it comes to selecting a color palette for their project let alone the entire house.  Everyone has a favorite color, but is it too bold to use on a large scale?  What about this color, do they go together?  How can I make good color choices?

Dec 23, 2013
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Creating a Master Bathroom Retreat. Dura Supreme White Bathroom Cabients

Designer Jessica Allison of Essence Design Studio knew that this would be a unique and challenging project as soon as she spoke to her clients.

Dec 16, 2013
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Pantone's 2014 Color of the Radiant Orchid

Last week, with big fanfare, Pantone announced it's prediction for the 2014 color of the year!

Drum roll please ... Radiant Orchid

According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone, "An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today's society."

Dec 09, 2013
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In my last blog I talked about a commonly used design element of mixing a raised panel and flat panel door style in the same room or area of the home.  The use of two different door styles from the same family does add vi

Dec 02, 2013
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The Kitchen Baking Center featuring Dura Supreme Cabinetry 2-tier Drawers

With the holiday season quickly approaching many of us will be spending time in the kitchen with friends and family as holiday meals are prepared.  One of my favorite activities to share with friends and family during the holiday season is to bake a variety of holiday themed cookies, make homemade candy and a few different flavors of homemade fudge to share with friends, family and co-workers a

Nov 25, 2013
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Color Pop: Using Bright Colors in Home Interiors. Contemporary Entry by Dallas Furniture & Accessories Horchow

Using bright, bold colors in home interiors is daunting for many homeowners.  I often hear, "I love bright, beautiful colors but I'm afraid I won't like that color a few years from now!".  Many homeowners express concern about over-committing to a specific color that may be too overwhelming or too "loud" for their space.  And many express concern about whether or not they will still like that c

Nov 18, 2013
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Are there rules when it comes to combining door styles, wood species and finishes in a kitchen?  What

Nov 11, 2013

Transitional style refers to the blend of both traditional and contemporary styles, midway between old world traditional and the world of chrome and glass contemporary.  Incorporating lines that are less ornate than tradition

Nov 04, 2013
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With the recent introduction of our new "Weathered" and "Heritage Paint" finish collections, there has been much conversation about authentic reclaimed and repurposed artifacts

Oct 28, 2013
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I met with a delightful couple the other day to go over the cabinetry layouts for their new home.  Once we had the general designs figured out the conversation switched to all of the decisions that would need to be made for each room.  There are doors styles,

Oct 21, 2013
Contemporary kitchen design with Dura Supreme cabinets by Kitchens of Diablo

Is contemporary design more your style?  Contemporary design is the complete opposite of traditional design.

Oct 14, 2013
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The Art of Authentic Finishes. Authentic Cabinetry Finishes

Part of the allure of certain artisan finishes is how authentic they look as they personify a specific look.  As re-claimed, re-stored and re-purposed looks rise in popularity, there are many companies re-creating these looks to bring an element of texture and intrigue into home interiors. 

Oct 07, 2013
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Earlier this month I was part of a group of seventeen designers that were invited to the  Jenn-Air Designer Forum in Chicago.  This was a total immersion into the world of technology, appliances and design.   What I came away with a new found appreciation for the careful thought and engineering that  Jenn-Air has built into every product.  These appliances are truly amazing!

Sep 30, 2013
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Is a traditional design right for you?  Traditional style celebrates elegance and grandeur while remaining inviting and warm.  

Sep 23, 2013
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Designers draw inspiration from a variety of sources but taking cues and getting inspiration from nature is a deep well of ideas for many designers. 

Recent interior trends that use reclaimed artifacts or industrial elements (original brickwork, exposed beams, warehouse flooring, etc.) are also giving impetus to design trends that utilize raw natural elements. 

Sep 16, 2013
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Light rail molding today is typically used under the wall cabinets to conceal the under cabinet lighting and/or to add a decorative element to the overall design.  Dura Supreme offers two specific styles of under cabinet molding, Light Rail Classic and Light Rail Transitional, but there are multiple moldings that can be used creatively at the bottom of the wall cabinets to add that extra design

Sep 09, 2013
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Interior Design Styles - Close up of a beautiful corbel.

"What is your design style?"  Most of us have been asked that question at some point during a remodeling or design project.  While there are many different design styles to choose from in general they all fall into one of three (3) main design categories - Tra

Sep 03, 2013

Have you ever noticed that conversations about color tend to use words that relate to feelings? 

“That color feels happy”.

Or, “that color feels too heavy”.

Or, “powerful, peppy, intense, blah”. 

Whatever words you choose to describe a particular color, oftentimes we use words that describe feelings.

Because color transforms. And color evokes feelings.

Aug 26, 2013
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Measuring spoons

This on-the-go family of four had very specific requests for their new kitchen. Dondi Szombatfalvy, CKD with Bella Domicile, in Madison Wisconsin, worked closely with the family to design a beautiful space that encompassed all of their organizational priorities.

Aug 19, 2013
Kitchen Seating Clearances - Dura Supreme Weathered Kitchen Island with Stool Seating

In my last blog post "Kitchen Seating Requirements" I discussed the amount of space needed for each person seated at a kitchen island or peninsula.  However, it is also important to determine the amount of clearance

Aug 14, 2013
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Shelley Lober and her talented team at Kitchens of Diablo in Danville, CA regularly update and invest in their beautiful showroom to make sure it represents the most current products and design trends.  This investment is important because it’s her most effective tool in demonstrating how her customers' kitchens will look and function, and how various products (tile, countertops, lighting, appl

Aug 05, 2013
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Dog bed cabinet in a laundry room with Dura Supreme cabinets

What dog wouldn’t want a comfortable place to chill out and relax during the hottest days of the summer?  It looks like Chico has found the perfect spot to call his own.

Jul 29, 2013
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Kitchen Seating Requirements. Kitchen Island by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

With the kitchen being considered the heart of the home, it's no surprise that one of the most requested items for a new kitchen is a place for family and friends to gather.  Often times designers are asked to include a seating area incorporated into the kitchen island or peninsula.  When considering

Jul 22, 2013
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It's a challenge sometimes to introduce color into kitchens because cabinetry is a long term investment and color trends vary over the years.  Homeowners will often ask, "What if the color I like today looks dated and old after a few years?"

Jul 15, 2013
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When you are considering a kitchen remodel the first thing that I recommend to people is to go appliance shopping.  Make your list of appliance must haves as well as the “that would be fun to have” list.  The reason that  this is a good first step is often times the appliances will drive the layout and design of the kitchen.
Jul 08, 2013
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Dura Surpeme Cabinetry Drawer Partitions with Utensil Storage

With so many different storage solutions available from Dura Supreme selecting just one storage solution as my favorite was a difficult task.  However, after careful consideration of all the different storage solutions available I selected Dura Supreme's drawer partitions as my favorite due to thei

Jul 01, 2013
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As style trends lean more and more toward clean, crisp transitional styling, the backsplash (the wall area between the countertop and the underside of wall cabinets) is also utilizing sleek new products. 

Jun 24, 2013
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Many of today's appliances have decorative handles that protrude well beyond the front of the actual appliance.  This has been true for a long time with ranges and refrigerators. These appliance handles can project out anywhere from 1 ½ inches to 3 1/4 inches.

Jun 17, 2013
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Using multiple door styles in a design is the perfect way to add visual interest and personalize a space.  Dura Supreme has several door styles that fall into "families", the doors are different but as with any family they do share certain characteristics that can visually tie the space together.  Let's look at an example of a door family; in this family each door style shares the same 3-1/2" w

Jun 10, 2013
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The typical pendant light installation over an island has traditionally been three lights.  However, with recent trends toward large, over-scale light fixtures and very decorative pendants that are the focal point of a room, the trend is toward fewer lights that are larger scale.

Jun 03, 2013
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Kitchen corner cabinets in both walls and bases can be divided into three distinct shapes, diagonal, square corner, and blind. They are often difficult to access completely although there are several internal accessory options that can make these cabinets more functional. Lazy susans or some type of swing out are the most commonly used.

May 27, 2013
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Dark gray laundry room cabinets from Dura Supreme Cabinetry. Cabinets are not just for the kitchen anymore.

Cabinetry doesn't need to be confined to the kitchen anymore.  Dura Supreme cabinetry is an intelligent choice for built-in and freestanding furniture pieces throughout your home.  As open floor plans continue to gain popularity and kitchen spaces merge seamlessly with living spaces, it's only natural to extend cabinetry into other areas of the home to create architectural and design consistenc

May 21, 2013

As soon as I saw the dramatic before and after photos from this project in Illinois, I knew it was ideal for a feature on the Dura Supreme blog since it was a perfect example of how a good designer can transform a home with cabinetry.

May 13, 2013
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Remodeled Dura Supreme Bathroom with a Double Sink Vanity

Before and after photos document the start and finish of any project, the ultimate reminder of how far you’ve come, the validation that hopefully you’ve made an improvement.



May 06, 2013
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After months of designing, planning and installation - my new Contemporary Craftsman inspired kitchen is finally complete!  Overall the process of remodeling my kitchen has gone fairly smoothly.  Don't get me wrong there have been a few bumps in the road and yes, the project took longer to complete than originally planned - but that's called remodeling and I wouldn't h

Apr 29, 2013
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Kitchen design by  Rob Gurski with LJ’s Kitchens & Interiors of Mount Pleasant, MI featuring Dura Supreme Cabinetry

The role of a good kitchen designer is to listen to the needs of the homeowner and provide creative and beautiful solutions that fulfill those needs.  Rob Gurski with LJ’s Kitchens & Interiors of Mount Pleasant, MI lis

Apr 22, 2013

The project that we were going to take our time with and work on all winter appears to be exactly on schedule.  Although the calendar says it should be spring we have yet to see any real signs of the season in Minnesota this year.  It’s April, it’s cold and it’s still snowing.

Apr 15, 2013
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Countertop & Sink

The remodeling project has been moving along quickly up to this point.  We have torn out the old kitchen, re-worked the electrical, added a new gas line and vent for the range hood, as well as installing the new cabinetry.  Now that the base

Apr 08, 2013
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If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you've heard us say before that kitchen trends often take color cues from the larger world of fashion. 

Apr 01, 2013
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Single Hole Faucets and Undermount Sink Close Up

With popularity of single hole faucets and larger undermount sinks for both the bathroom and the kitchen there are some design and functionality things to consider when determining the placement of the faucet.

Mar 25, 2013
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Drill hole and screws

Now that the old kitchen cabinets and countertops have been removed, the electrical and plumbing work has been completed, the flooring has been patched and repaired, and the new appliances and cabinetry have been delivered, it's time to begin the cabinet installation!

Mar 18, 2013
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After months of dreaming about and planning for my new kitchen, we are finally ready for my favorite part of the process - DEMOLITION!

Mar 12, 2013
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Bathroom Faucet

The temperature has finally climbed out of the single digits and the plumber managed to work us into his crazy schedule.  The faucets are in and the sinks are functioning.  It’s amazing how much you miss running water when you don’t have it readily available.

Mar 04, 2013
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Now that the design and planning stage for my new kitchen is complete and the products are on order you might think I get to sit back and wait for the installation phase of the project to begin.  Unfortunately, there are a few things that I as the homeowner am responsible for taking care of prior to beginning the installation phase.  Your auth

Feb 25, 2013
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Kitchen Drawer and Countertop

At Dura Supreme, we track trends and color forecasts to make sure our finish palettes and designs are fresh and current.  In addition, we monitor trend developments in all areas of the home, especially those products that affect or influence

Feb 18, 2013
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Most remodeling projects don’t go as smoothly as you would like, there is always a glitch of some kind that makes your best laid plans go out the window.  We were moving along at a pretty good clip, making the bathroom semi-presentable for the holidays. We knew trying to get a countertop installed during that time frame was going to be impossible, but we were ok to wait. 

Feb 11, 2013
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Colored Pencils

Now that the design for my new kitchen is done, it's time to focus on the cabinet details and the color palette.  I decided to create a Contemporary Craftsman inspired kitchen which would flow with the rest of the home's architecture, design and materials. 

Feb 04, 2013
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Purist contemporary design has embraced horizontal grain for a number of years, but as soft contemporary and transitional looks have become more mainstream, horizontal grain is popping up more and more on homeowner wish lists.

Jan 28, 2013
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Making a Fabulous Guest Bath using Parts and Pieces

It’s time for the cabinet installation!  Darryl, the installer extraordinaire, is back to work his magic just like he did in the kitchen.  To get the look I wanted without breaking the bank, I designed the entire vanity using parts and pieces.

Jan 21, 2013
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The design process begins by selecting which appliances I would be incorporating into my new space.  As a designer, it's hard to design a space until you know what appliances will be used.  For example, designing a space around a separate cooktop and oven is significantly different than designing for a freestanding or slide-in range.  The appliances are the anchors of the

Jan 14, 2013
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The incredible popularity of the color gray for interiors is still on the rise and homeowners are embracing this beautiful, soft, rich color in every room of the home!  From light gray to dark gray and every shade in between, gray is being used as a neutral background color, an accent color or even the dominant color.

Jan 07, 2013

Over the last few weeks we have made significant progress in the new bathroom space.  In fact, that is pretty much all we have been focused on.  It’s been a lot of late evenings and long weekends, and we have the sore muscles and calluses to prove it.  The sheetrock is finished thanks to a wond

Dec 31, 2012
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Making the decision to remodel your kitchen can be difficult.  There are many factors to consider such as the budget, knowing

Dec 26, 2012
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Green Emerald

By now, most designers have heard the news announced last week, that Pantone's color of the year for 2013 is Emerald.  This announcement always comes with some interesting debate and opinions, but we are already seeing this color in fashion magazines and even in stores.  The question is, how long before it becomes hotly requested by consumers for home interiors now that it is on everyone's rada

Dec 17, 2012
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What was going to be an ongoing weekend project that would keep us busy all winter, has now become something that we are in a rush to get to ready for sheetrock.  Demolition, although somewhat therapeutic, is still not fun.  It’s dusty, messy, and sort of dangerous.  My husband is much better with a Sawzall than I am, so he had the task of taking out the recessed closet area in the hall bath to

Dec 10, 2012
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A few weeks ago I gave you "A Sneak Peek" at our new display that we were working on and getting ready for a photo shoot.  Most of the time, Dura Supreme shoots actual kitchens within customers' homes, but sometimes for a new product offering, we create a display.  Now that the photo shoot has been completed, I wanted to give you an

Dec 03, 2012
Classic stamp

Kitchens with a high-contrast color combination have been popular for some time now and their popularity shows no signs of waning.  A combination of a dark stain and a light paint is a classic look that will age gracefully in the years to come.  There certainly are some trends that can be identified in later years as a by-gone look from the 70s or 80s or even the 90s.  But this classic mix of c

Nov 27, 2012
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As the bath remodeling progresses, the clock is ticking and I realize that I had better get the cabinetry ordered.  Designing for your own space is difficult enough, factor in a spouse that somehow over the years has developed some design preferences of his own and I’ve got a major project on my han

Nov 19, 2012
Categories: Baths, Remodeling

The last few months have been very busy here at Dura Supreme as we have just completed the installation of a beautiful new display showcasing our Alectra cabinetry

Nov 12, 2012
Gray Color Pallette. Popular Gray Paint Colors Arrive for Kitchen and Bath

With Dura Supreme's recent launch of gray paints, it has been interesting to see these finishes suddenly flowing across our manufacturing floor, destined for homes around the country.  We've already seen enthusiastic acceptance of these new colors as homeowners started immediately selecting our vari

Nov 05, 2012
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First Steps in a Bathroom Remodel

Early October started off rather chilly in Minnesota, and because our plumber also does heating work he was tied up with furnace issues for the first half of the month.  So we had to wait a while longer for him to make time to tear out the fixtures we were planning on eliminating.

Oct 29, 2012
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Hickory Natural

Due to its distinct grain pattern and wild color variations, hickory is typically used to create a cabin or rustic theme within a home.  So, I wanted to create a design palette that included hickory in a more modern, updated look. 

Oct 22, 2012
Hot Color Combinations! Dura Supreme Cabinetry Blog

Kitchen cabinetry is a fashion-based industry and Dura Supreme's product development team and color analysts are constantly in-development on cutting edge products and finishes.

Oct 15, 2012
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The project started with an early 1980’s vacation rental on Kiawah Island in South Carolina. With its typical layout of closed off rooms, the new owners still saw great potential.  Multiple walls were removed and what was created was a beautiful open floor plan which suits the relaxed, casual lifestyle of the island.

Oct 08, 2012
Categories: Trends, Inspiring Designs

The color Gray is quickly becoming the "new neutral" color being used by designers in every room of the home.  So, I thought I would share my favorite color palette with Dura Supreme's new gray paint finishes.

Oct 01, 2012
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Color combinations

Kitchen design is a fashion-oriented industry and kitchen designers strive to stay on the cutting edge of trends so they can advise, recommend and deliver couture interiors for their customers.  

Sep 24, 2012
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While I wait for the plumber to work us into his schedule, it gives me time to work on the budget.  Budgets are a necessary component of any remodeling project.  Without one you can find yourself seriously overspending or running out of money before the project is finished.  The goal is to improve, but not over improve and still be able to balance your checkbook.

Sep 17, 2012
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Top 5 Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the "5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Remodeling your Kitchen" which focused on what to expect when remodeling your kitchen.  In today's blog post I want to discuss the "Top 5 Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid" when remodeling your kitchen.

Sep 10, 2012
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THE hot color trend right now is gray - all shades of light, dark and in-between. 

Sep 04, 2012
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It seems that anytime you tackle a remodeling project it leads to another project, which then rolls into another project and it goes on and on.  You paint the walls and the window treatments could use an update, new carpet in the hallway, now the bedrooms look a little dingy.  Replace the dishwasher and the other appliances really show their age.  I call it the snowball effect, you start with s

Aug 27, 2012
Categories: Baths, Remodeling
Learn about Cabinetry Construction, Cabinet Box Construction and Joinery Techniques

A few months ago, I began a series of blog posts on cabinetry construction. In this fifth and final part of our series we will explore the different joinery methods used to construct our cabinet boxes.

Aug 20, 2012
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Walking into clothing stores at the beginning of a new season, it was fascinating to me to see the landscape of color change with the new season and to see so many stores featuring a similar color story. 

Aug 13, 2012
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We decided that this summer we were going to put the remodeling projects on hold and enjoy the weather.  Who knew it was going to be so hot and humid day after day after day?  I don’t mind a little heat and humidity every once in a while but when it drags on for a month and you would rather be inside in the air conditioning, something is just not right.  It’s almost a summertime version of cabi

Aug 06, 2012
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Door construction

Cabinet Door & Drawer Front Construction

Jul 30, 2012
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Entertainment center cabinet

It’s obvious for homeowners to look to Dura Supreme for beautiful kitchen and bath cabinetry, but don’t overlook other areas of the home that would benefit from the beauty and organizational features of cabinetry.  When it comes to creating a home that truly fits you and your lifestyle, using customized cabinetry and millworks in other areas helps to tie an entire home design together.

Jul 23, 2012

In the world of fashion a trend is typically thought of as a popular fad, it will be around for a short time and then fade away, only to reappear again thirty years later for a whole new generation. This year I think it’s all about platform sandals. 

Jul 16, 2012
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Cabinet drawer corner

Drawer Box & Roll-Out Shelf Construction Methods

The way a drawer box is constructed plays an important role in its durability and longevity.  That's why it is so important to know what to look for when you are purchasing cabinetry for your next home remodeling project.

Jul 09, 2012
Categories: Kitchens, Products
Houzz Badge Icon and Logo. Have Your Discovered Houzz? Once You Start, You Can't Stop!

At Dura Supreme, we are always on the search for new and innovative product ideas and applications and we love sharing those ideas with our customers and dealers.  Here’s a resource we can’t imagine living without …

Jul 02, 2012

In my last post I discussed the island as part of a kitchen layout.  But what if you don’t have the space to devote to an island? The next best thing in my opinion is the peninsula layout.

Jun 25, 2012
Categories: Kitchens
Material Types

Construction Materials

Jun 18, 2012
Categories: Kitchens, Products
light blue paint

When the June 2012 issue of Better Homes & Gardens “Kitchen and Bath Ideas” magazine hit the newsstands, it featured a beautiful Dura Supreme kitchen on the cover that was designed by Jenny Rausch, President and Owner of Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath of Brentwood, MO. 

Jun 11, 2012

It's the place in the kitchen where family and friends congregate, the homework gets completed, the party is started and the conversation is shared.  The large island, it's on many “must have” lists when it comes time to remodel the kitchen.  Where did these island dreams come from?  The kitchen island was certainly not a common fixture in homes built before the 1970's.  Kitchens were originall

Jun 04, 2012
Categories: Kitchens

Framed vs. Frameless Cabinetry

Purchasing new kitchen cabinets is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home.  Since cabinets are one of the first things people notice in a kitchen they can have a huge impact on both the value and the appeal of your home.

May 28, 2012
Categories: Kitchens, Products

Yuko Matsumoto of Altera Design & Remodeling in Walnut Creek, California!  Yuko won the 2012 NKBA Design Competition with a beautiful bath design using Dura Supreme cabinetry in Bamboo veneer. Congratulations Yuko!

May 21, 2012
Categories: Baths, Inspiring Designs
Finished kitchen with appliances and cabinets installed.

The kitchen is finally finished!

May 14, 2012
Categories: Kitchens, Remodeling

When it comes to cabinetry most people incorrectly assume that "custom" cabinets mean they have to come from a local shop and can't be manufactured in a factory - nothing could be further from the truth.

May 07, 2012
Categories: Products

A few weeks ago, we featured several creative organizational ideas for the kitchen, but there are so many outstanding accessories that go beyond the kitchen.

Apr 30, 2012
Categories: Storage
Benefits of a Factory Finish on Cabinets. Dura Supreme Cabinets

When planning your kitchen, the durability of the finish is an important consideration since the finishing process is vital to ensuring the durability of your cabinetry.  At Dura Supreme we understand that our finish is a critical part of the overall beauty and quality of our cabinetry.  Our state-of-the-art finishing system enables us to create finishes that are unmatched in beauty and durabil

Apr 16, 2012
Categories: Products

While varying shades of gray are the neutral of choice for many, others tend to find that the color gray can look cold and depressing. What do you do when you want to warm things up and still make a style statement?  Take a look at Knotty Alder, Cashew/Coffee.  This wood/stain/glaze combination falls into the taupe family, a grayish brown neutral. 

Apr 09, 2012
Categories: Trends

While Darryl, the installer extraordinaire, begins to work his magic in the kitchen I find myself with more decisions that need to be made before the project is complete.  The critical decision at the moment is the cabinet hardware.  Most installers like to have the hardware on site around the same time they start the installation.  It’s typically one of the last things they do, but when they a

Apr 02, 2012
Categories: Kitchens, Remodeling
Planning Stages

What to Expect During a Remodel

Mar 26, 2012
Categories: Kitchens, Remodeling

The storage solutions you select for your new Dura Supreme kitchen will make the difference between a kitchen that works, and a kitchen that works hard for you every day.  After you have spent time creating the overall layout, design and color scheme for your new kitchen, the next important step is to carefully consider

Mar 19, 2012
Categories: Storage
Cabinets in boxes

The preliminary work is complete. The electrician added the necessary circuits for the microwave and range.  We moved outlets, added more lighting and added switches where there were none.  The plumber who also is our HVAC person moved the ducting to its new location and capped off the sink lines for the installer.  We installed the tile floor and primed the walls.

Mar 12, 2012
Categories: Kitchens, Remodeling

Are you considering updating your bathroom in 2012?  Here are the Top 5 Bath Design Trends for 2012.

Mar 05, 2012
Categories: Baths
Dura Supreme kitchen in Cherry with glaze finish.

Experienced kitchen designer, Kristen Peck with Knight Construction Design of Chanhassen, MN, knew this would be a challenging and rewarding project as soon as she spoke with the homeowners.  With five children, their remodeled kitchen would need to comfortably accommodate their entire family.  Entertaining friends and family is important to them, so they wanted their new kitchen to be spacious

Feb 27, 2012
Creating a pass through

One of our changes to the space is to create a real pass-through.  In the original kitchen there was sort of a pass-through to the dining room; very small and too high off the countertop to have any purpose other than being a trimmed out hole in the wall.  We wondered if the original contractor had framed the opening thinking that this was where the doorway was supposed to be, realized his mist

Feb 20, 2012
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Kitchen and Bath Faucets

Every year The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) surveys their members of kitchen and bath designers across the United States and Canada.  Their responses provide insight into design trends that will take hold in the kitchen and bath market in 2012.  While broad trends won't be evident in every local market, the following are some overall trends for kitchens and baths.

Feb 13, 2012
Categories: Kitchens, Baths, Trends

When the Squires started working with kitchen designer, Dondi Szombatfalvy, CKD (of Bella Domicile in Madison, WI), they expressed a desire for their home to reflect a blend of traditional styling with rustic influences.  Entertaining and family meals within the kitchen were important, so ideally the kitchen would incorporate a large bar area so that family and guests could eat and interact wit

Feb 06, 2012

The kitchen design has been finalized, the appliances selected and because we’ve done this before we have decided to do the entire tear out of the existing kitchen ourselves.  Demolition can be very therapeutic, but also a little nerve wracking.  We are tearing into a room we use daily and will be without for several weeks.

Jan 30, 2012
Categories: Kitchens, Remodeling
"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words but the Memories are Priceless" quote

You know the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words", well when it comes to design nothing could be more true.

Jan 23, 2012
Color Palette

Pantone recently announced it's new "2012 Color of the Year" which gets many people in the design community talking and sharing inspired ideas.  Pantone, which describes itself as "the authority on color, provider of color systems and leading technology for accurate communication of color" is one of many organizations and companies working in the field of color forecasting. 

Jan 16, 2012
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kitchen before remodel

Let me preface this by saying designing your own kitchen is the most difficult project a kitchen designer can tackle.  Working at Dura Supreme and walking through the factory every day I have the opportunity to see cabinetry being manufactured in every style and finish imaginable.  The options are endless and it’s really difficult to narrow down your choices.

Jan 09, 2012
Categories: Kitchens, Remodeling

The Kitchen Command Center is a designated place within your home that helps you simplify, streamline, and improve scheduling, messaging, and all sorts of communication within your family.  With today's busy schedules and surprises miscommunications and missed communications seem to be part and parcel of family life.  Who among us hasn't missed someone's birthday or an important appoin

Dec 29, 2011
Categories: Kitchens
Dura Supreme Cabinetry Wood Hood Mantle Detail with Holiday Decor.

As the New Year approaches, is a new kitchen in your future?  Is this the year you resolve to stop settling for mediocre and stop getting by with the inconveniences of your current kitchen?  Now that the holiday planning and family get-togethers are behind you, perhaps now is the perfect time to contact a Dura Supreme kitchen designer and begin making plans for your new kitchen.  The new kitche

Dec 26, 2011
Considering a kitchen remodel

Is it time for a kitchen remodel or can you live with it for a while longer? Would diving in to a full remodel make the space better or could you get by with some minor fixes?

Dec 19, 2011
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Within the kitchen the "Clean-up Zone" is where items used during the cooking process and the meal are cleaned.  When designing your new kitchen the clean-up zone should be centered around the kitchen's primary sink.  While the size and shape of the actual sink may vary, a deep sink is ideal for both washing large items and for hiding dirty ones from guests until they can be washed.  In additio

Dec 12, 2011
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“The homeowner wanted a contemporary kitchen but her home had a very traditional design,” explained Elizabeth Ericksen, part of the talented design team at Ispiri, a design, build and remodel firm in Woodbury, MN (www.ispiri.com).  “In order to blend the kitchen with her home, we chose a more transitional design approach to her kitchen and she loves it!”

Dec 05, 2011
Bathroom Faucet

Bathroom storage, there never seems to be enough.  Most bathrooms aren’t large rooms to begin with and when you think about all of the items that are used in that room it’s no wonder every inch of space becomes critical.  How do you find space for towels, soaps, cleaners, lotions,

Nov 23, 2011
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Contemporary Kitchen with Dura Supreme Cabinets

Contemporary and transitional styling have certainly increased in popularity in the last few years and we are seeing more and more kitchens being designed to feature clean, sleek lines.  A Dura Supreme kitchen designer in Albuquerque New Mexico recently completed a contemporary kitchen that we think beautifully demonstrates this popular look. 

Nov 14, 2011
How Paint Can Make a Rustic Style Door Contemporary - Dura Supreme paitned cabient door

Breckenridge is often thought of as the rustic Shaker, southwest, cabin, or lodge style door.  We often see it in Knotty Alder or Rustic Cherry which really defines that style.

Nov 07, 2011
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The Kitchen Cooking Zone featuring Dura Supreme Cabinetry

The Kitchen Cooking Zone

As the name implies, the Cooking Zone is the area within the kitchen the food is actually cooked.  The primary task performed is stove-top cooking, although baking or roasting may also be done here - particularly if the kitchen has a range rather than separate cooktop and oven.

Nov 01, 2011
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For us here in the upper Midwest, a “mudroom” is considered a necessity and is an important part of a home’s floor plan.  For families with kids, a mudroom is a critical consideration in building, buying or remodeling a home.

Oct 24, 2011

I admit I do watch a lot of HGTV (and the Food Network for that matter).   It’s not all high quality programming, but some of it does have some value, sparks some creativity, or even a few “you can’t be serious” moments.  There are other channels that also offer the same type of decorating shows, as my husband calls all of them, TLC, DIY, Bravo and even ABC with its Extreme Home Makeover series

Oct 17, 2011
Kitchen Prep Area and Kitchen Islands For Food Preparation

In my last blog post, I discussed the concept of work zones which is a growing trend in kitchen design.  A work zone is a grouping of equipment and the resources to produce a product.  What this means for kitchen design is that the work is broken down by the task being performed instead of the location of appliances.  Over the next few weeks I will be discussing the various work zones within th

Oct 10, 2011
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When you grab the eggs and bacon out of the refrigerator to whip up breakfast why are you walking toward the patio with your arms full rather than headed straight for the range?  Does that extra large metal door create a sort of obstacle course that forces you to do an end around, kicking it shut with your foot as you clear the other side?

Oct 03, 2011


Several decades back, in an era of not so great design, placing the hardware in the center of the cabinet doors was the “thing” to do. There’s nothing technically wrong with placing the hardware in the middle of the door, but it does date the kitchen. 

Sep 26, 2011

Zone Design - The Basis of Kitchen Zones

Sep 19, 2011
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Dura Supreme Cabinetry Painted Green

Are you one of “those people” who admires the happy and abundant flourishes of color in the shelter magazines but when it comes to your own home, you have a hard time getting beyond beige?  If that describes you, you are definitely not alone. In fact, color consultation is a major reason why many homeowners consult with an interior designer.

Sep 12, 2011
Storage Drawer in Kitchen

When it comes to base cabinets, there are three typical options for the way things can be stored. Determining which method is best suited for your needs requires some thought.

Sep 05, 2011
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Kitchen Planning

The Mathematics of the kitchen layout - "The kitchen work triangle"

Having a good layout for your kitchen is important, because the kitchen should be an efficient and pleasant area in which to prepare meals and do related tasks.

Aug 29, 2011
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Colorful Paint Buckets

Color is always a hot topic among designers and it is one of the most noticeable design elements within any home interior project.  Although colors vary seasonally in the fashion industry, with home interiors we recommend taking cues from color trends and working them into a palette of classic colors and old favorites.  After all, the largest investments in your home (like cabinetry, flooring,

Aug 15, 2011
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