Do you dream of a home that evokes the calming and refreshing feeling of a beach vacation? If that’s the case, then you may just fall in love with the Coastal interior design style.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of Coastal interior design and explore its key design elements, considerations for cabinetry, and how you can bring this look into your own home. So, grab your beach towel and get ready to dive in!

Learn how to get the look of Coastal style in your interior design and cabinetry design.

What’s the difference Between Coastal and Nautical Design?

Although they are similar, with their iconic sea-inspired decor, Coastal interior design style is not the same as Nautical style. Coastal style takes inspiration from sandy beaches and cozy beach cottages with light, breezy fabrics and a blend of cottage-style elements. This style is known for celebrating natural light with a focus on bringing the love of the outdoors and beach living into the home.

A Coastal style living room interior design with a custom fireplace from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

A Coastal style living room with a Dura Supreme Fireplace design by Anissa Swanzy of SKD Studios, Newport Beach, California.

On the other hand, Nautical style is inspired by luxurious ocean voyages, taking on design elements from traditional ship architecture and colors of the sky and deep ocean waters. The color palette features strong contrasts of whites against dark navy blues, or warm brassy metals against cool-toned white, gray, and blue finishes. If you’d like to learn more about Nautical style CLICK HERE to see my previous blog.

Coastal Styled Kitchen & Living room with breezy coastal decor and accents.

An example of Coastal style design.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Bianca Fathauer of Splendid Home Design LL, Florida.

A nautical style kitchen and dining room design with bold navy blue cabinets and antique brass lighting and hardware.

An example of Nautical style design.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Boyer Building Corporation, Minnesota. Photo by Mark Ehlen of Ehlen Creative Communications.

Basically, Coastal style prefers to relax on the beach while Nautical would rather hop on a boat and sail into open waters. Both are beautiful sea-inspired styles but they take on different perspectives.

Creating The Coastal Style Color Palette

When planning your Coastal styled color palette, imagine bright spaces flowing with sunlight, soft sandy hues, subtle nautical accents, and colors that calm the senses inviting the outdoors into your home

A Coastal Styled flat lay mood board featuring a ship lap inspired cabinet door with a soft white painted finish paired with a white wash stain on oak.

This Coastal styled mood board features Dura Supreme Cabinetry’s Carson V-Groove Inset door in “Dove” paint paired with a sample of the “Alabaster” stain on Quarter-Sawn White Oak

The majority of the Coastal style color palette is made up of layers of white and muted neutrals. Artful accents of soft wood tones, blues, greens, tans, and cool grays are gently used to add details to the design. The overall color palette should feel calm, natural, and organic.

It’s also common to see distressed painted finishes, driftwood, and weathered wood finishes sprinkled throughout the design. Dura Supreme’s Weathered and Heritage finishes are perfect for creating this accent with a kitchen island or unique nook such as a coffee workstation or home bar.

Dura Supreme’s Weathered finish is used for the wall and vanity mirror to accent the space. 

Dura Supreme’s Weathered “A” finish on Knotty Alder featured on a kitchen island.

Choosing Coastal Style Cabinetry

Although the classic shaker door style is a Coastal classic, this interior design style incorporates a broad range of cabinet door styles to achieve its look. Typically, the door styles lean towards a transitional look with flat panel, shaker, and slab styles. Feel free to use any preferred cabinet construction from Full or Standard Overlay to Inset. Framed or frameless, it all works for Coastal style.  

Here is a small sample of cabinet door styles that work wondrously in a Coastal interior design. 

If you’re trying to add a touch of Coastal style to your cabinetry design, there are several options to consider for accenting your cabinetry. You could go with a door that has shiplap-inspired accents, a louvered door, a simple frame and glass door, or a door with a mullion, reeded panel, or wire mesh inserts. Any of these accents will give your cabinets a splash of character and enhance the Coastal theme of your space.

Key Design Elements of Coastal Interior Design Style

Coastal design mixes an abundance of organic elements and raw materials to craft home décor, art, homewares, and furniture pieces. Here are a few of the many materials you’re likely to see in a Coastal style design; rattan, shiplap, wicker, cane, teak, seashell & coral art, woven baskets, glazed ceramics, and furniture crafted with driftwood.

Rugs will typically feature sea grass, jute, and humble handwoven cotton carpets.  While light fixtures are typically largescale and create a beautiful focal point that is simple, seashore-inspired, and relaxed.

Textiles throughout are light, cool, organic, and breathable and typically use natural fibers like linen and cotton. Slip-covered sofas in light-hued fabrics and cozy throw pillows can help capture the casual, relaxed feeling of Coastal style.

A bright and Coastal styled open concept home with a kitchen and living room.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Bianca Fathauer of Splendid Home Design LL, Stuart, Florida. Photography by Alexis Butler of Splendid Home Design LLC in Stuart, Florida

Textiles used in a Coastal style interior design shown with a relaxed living room design.

A Coastal style living room design by Anissa Swanzy of SKD Studios, Newport Beach, California.

Is Coastal your interior design style?

As you can see, the Coastal interior design style is universally appealing as it encourages relaxation reminding us of laid-back days at our favorite beach destinations. It’s no wonder why so many homeowners are adding this look to their must-have lists.

To discover more inspiration for your Coastal style kitchen or bathroom remodel, browse the gallery carousel below featuring several Coastal styled Dura Supreme Cabinetry projects.

To get started on your Coastal design project with Dura Supreme Cabinetry, visit your local Dura Supreme Showroom.




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