How to Maximize Your Bathroom Storage

Bathroom storage, there never seems to be enough.  Most bathrooms aren’t large rooms to begin with and when you think about all of the items that are used in that room it’s no wonder every inch of space becomes critical.  How do you find space for towels, soaps, cleaners, lotions, hairdryers, and all that equipment that goes with a daily routine?  You’ve got to have a plan!

A typical bathroom, in addition to the plumbing basics, may have a vanity of some type and possibly a tall linen cabinet. With today’s design trends in bath cabinetry leaning towards lots of open shelving it is important that you think through what should be seen and what shouldn’t.  There is nothing wrong with using all closed storage; a lot of people don’t want their things on display.  Open storage though, does allow you easy access and offers the ability to add visual interest with color and texture.

Maximize Your Bathroom Storage with Dura Supreme Cabinetry

The closed storage areas can include a vanity, ideally with as many drawers as possible, and/or a linen cabinet of some type.  It’s what goes inside that can make a big difference in the functionality of the space.

If you are looking at drawer storage, consider adjustable drawer dividers.  

  • Dura Supreme’s adjustable drawer partitions (see an example here on our silverware and utensils page) allow you to customize your drawer to suit your needs. Whether the drawer is deep or shallow creating compartments within the drawer will keep things like cotton balls, curling irons, and hairdryers in their place.  
  • A drawer spice rack is the perfect place to store all those cosmetics, keeping them visible and within reach. 
  • Even better is the Deluxe Drawer Organizer Style B, a combination of dividers, spice drawer and container storage.  If you have a false drawer front in the sink base cabinet, a tip down front is perfect for toothpaste and floss.  
  • For easy access in a linen cabinet consider the addition of wood susans. Dura Supreme’s loose wood susan, which is typically found in a diagonal wall cabinet, will fit on the shelf of any 21” deep linen over 18” wide. What a great way to keep everything within reach.

These are just a few ideas to customize storage in the bath. The key is in the planning, the results will be worth it!

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