No longer the exclusive refuge of artists and college students, the loft has become a popular, edgy abode in metros across the globe. Today, fashionable loft environments offer an attractive alternative to suburbia, for those who appreciate the culture and diversity of these downtown digs.  Contemporary loft environments champion the characteristic features of their early bohemian counterparts; soaring ceilings with exposed ductwork and support beams, open, airy spaces with minimal walls, vintage flooring or brickwork and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame dramatic city skylines.  Within this framework, loft-style was born and has developed into its own notable design theme with clean, minimalistic lines, industrial influences, neutral or monochromatic colors, and natural materials.

Get the Look - Urban Loft Kitchen Design Style and How to Select Urban Loft Style Cabinetry

History of the Urban Loft Interior Design

Originating in Paris in the 1800s, artists established studios in old buildings with high ceilings and open spaces to accommodate the oversize paintings popular at that time.  Loft living caught on in the 1940s in New York’s SoHo district, when struggling artists moved into abandoned warehouses, and began to idealize the multi-use space that accommodated both work and home.

Urban Loft interior design history. An old 1800's artstudio loft in Paris, France where an old factory was transformed into an art studio and functioning apartment living space.

The Urban Loft Color Palette

Both ends of the color spectrum are popular including neutral colors and natural wood grains, as well as dark cabinet finishes and monochromatic color schemes.  Materials can also include sleek laminates, textured foils, and glossy acrylics.  Also, consider Dura Supreme’s collection of exotic veneers for cutting-edge contemporary kitchen design.

An industrial style mood board with a slab styled walnut cabinet door, samples of red brick backsplash tiles, and an off-white, beige paint and countertop sample.

This urban loft inspired mood board features Dura Supreme’s Metro-Vertical door style in Walnut…..

The straight, linear look of our Moda veneered cabinet door is a trademark of classic Urban Loft kitchen designs.

A row of slab door base cabinets in a contemporary kitchen with a rich, warm stain color with a reddish tint.

Dark and dramatic cabinet finishes on slab cabinet doors add a lofty look to a kitchen design.

Dura Supreme kitchen design by Russell Fogle of 1st Choice Cabinetry, Inc., Idaho. Photography by Greg Scott Photography.

Selecting Urban Loft Style Cabinetry

For Urban Loft styling, consider contemporary styled cabinet door styles with a sleek, minimalistic design.  Primarily slab cabinet door styles with the occasional flat panel door.

Urban Loft styled Cabinet doors and finish colors by Dura Supreme.

Since natural and brushed metals are popular accents for loft environments, you’ll find aluminum framed cabinetry doors in various finishes used for accent cabinetry.

Aluminum Framed Cabinet Doors and accent cabinet doors used in Urban Loft Style kitchen designs. Modern cabinetry options from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Design Elements of Urban Loft

In keeping with the overall style of a modern loft space, kitchens are usually furnished with design elements in natural, yet sleek materials like stone, concrete, wood, stainless steel, and glass.  Materials favor a neutral or monochromatic color palette, with occasional dramatic punches of color.  Contemporary design appeals to the urban professional and the young at heart, who appreciate the cultural diversity of a downtown dwelling or clean, simple lines.

Inspiration can be found in the raw materials of the building structure (metal, concrete, glass, and stone) and used as design elements within the kitchen. Natural textures and brushed metals are commonly used to create accents throughout Urban Loft interior designs.

Square wine cubicles are a fitting feature in a contemporary Urban Loft design.

Square wine cubicles are a fitting feature in a contemporary Urban Loft design.

Horizontal bi-fold cabinet doors are a popular choice in lofty kitchens. Dura Supreme Cabinetry in a an Urban Loft Style design.

Horizontal bi-fold cabinet doors are a popular choice in lofty kitchens.

Floating shelves maintain an open, airy look which Urban Loft interior designs are known for.

Floating shelves maintain an open, airy look which Urban Loft interior designs are known for.

Is Urban Loft your interior design style?

Browse this photo gallery to be inspired by a collection of Urban Loft styled kitchens.

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