Kitchen Work Zones

Design a Kitchen that Works For You

Kitchen work zones (also known as “work stations”) have become the progression of the ever classic and functional work triangle. 

The three primary work zones include the Prep Zone, Cooking Zone, and Clean-Up Zone. In addition, several niche-specific zones are popular for the kitchen as well. For example, a Baking Center, a Command Center, or a Pet Station might also be included in the kitchen depending on its size and the needs of the household.

Zone 01

The Prep Zone

The kitchen Prep Zone is the dedicated work center where meals are prepped and combined prior to being cooked. Common activities that take place in the Prep Zone include everyday tasks of washing, peeling, cutting, chopping, measuring, and mixing ingredients. It is optimal for the Prep Zone to be in close proximity to the refrigerator and a sink. It's important to consider the access to cutting boards, cutlery, a sprayer, a garbage disposal, and a waste bin when planning this zone.
Learn how to plan your Prep Zone

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