A Brush with Brass

The cool metal tones (stainless steel, nickel, chrome, etc.) that have outsold all other finishes on everything from decorative hardware, to faucets and to furniture, have become so popular they have begun to look commonplace. 

Warmer brass finishes (along with copper and bronze) have been moving in from the margins and are beginning to make a splash in high-end commercial projects and contemporary design.  Brass offers a compelling and intriguingly fresh look, especially with a brushed finish that is different enough from the polished brass of the 70s to look brand new!

Apple's introduction of the iphone 5S with a brushed gold finish ...

... and the iconic film, The Great Gatsby, helped to catapult brassy looks into the limelight, and quickly captivate consumers. 

It always takes a few years before new trends fully develop and become part of mainstream interior design, but brushed brass looks are certainly gaining popularity.  This Dura Supreme kitchen, with it's sleek contemporary design, utilizes brushed brass accents in lighting, decorative hardware and plumbing.

Pictured below are several beautiful photographs (from www.houzz.com) of trend-setting interiors using brushed brass to create a unique, upscale design. 

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