The kitchen is the heart of every home and it’s important to design your kitchen so that it functions beautifully and efficiently.  Your kitchen is not only a reflection of your home, your family and how you use it, but it can also be a reflection of you and your personality.  Here are 10 ways to add your own unique design elements that will make your kitchen more personal and more inviting.  

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Meredith Weiss of Merri Interiors. Photography by Ilowite Photography.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Meredith Weiss of Merri Interiors. Photography by Ilowite Photography.

So how do you incorporate your household’s unique personality into your kitchen design and still improve your resale value? Take a dive through this list of strategies for injecting your personality and consider implementing 1 or 2 of these applications in your kitchen remodel.

1. Make a Kitchen Island Into a Centerpiece 

It’s actually not ‘too wild’ to have a unique kitchen island. In most cases, it’s widely accepted and desired by the masses. Kitchen islands are commonly created for the most efficient and effective workspace but also with the intention to add contrast and to create a focal point to the kitchen design. This means you can get more creative and personal with your kitchen island design.

In the kitchen below on the left, the whole design would not be the same without the lively color of the kitchen island. While the kitchen island photographed on the right is not only a unique shape but makes an industrial statement with its diamond plated metal feature that emphasis the seating area.

2. Make the Cooking Zone a Center Piece with a Dazzling Hood

Just like the kitchen island, the Hood is another design element where a focal point and contrast can be created. If your stove top is the center point of your kitchen, this might be a great way for you to draw attention to it and make it your own.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Megan Dent of Studio M Kitchen & Bath, Minnesota.

mantel wood hood design can also serve as a place to display your décor and even a place to display your seasonal holiday décor throughout the year.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Nanci Marsman of Standale Interiors, Michigan.

3. Be Bold with the Backsplash

A bold backsplash with style and personality can make a huge impact on your kitchen design. Pair it with neutral-hued cabinetry and countertops to help emphasize the backsplash color or design. Yes, a backsplash is permanent, but it’s also an easy item to switch out, if need be, for resale.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design featuring Lu'um Mosaics, interior design by Brenda Gold and kitchen design by Jeff West.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design featuring Lu’um Mosaics, interior design by Brenda Gold and kitchen design by Jeff West.

4. Accentuate Cabinet Doors with Style

Accentuate a few cabinet doors with style by selecting wired inserts, decorative glass, mirror, a mullion design or even a unique colored insert. Most mullions, mirror and glass inserts don’t have to be switched out for resale. If it’s a very bold color/patterned, cabinet inserts can easily be swapped out for a more neutral option when you’re ready to sell.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Advance Design Studio, Ltd., Illinois.

Below on the left, an antique mirror insert is used in an “X” patterned mullion cabinet door to add a sense of glamour and elegance to this kitchen remodel. Where the image pictured on the right below uses a metal insert is used to add beauty and coordinate with the unique metal hood of this kitchen design. Both of these designs use different materials to add a glimmery element that will intrigue the eye.

5.  Express Yourself with Cabinet Hardware “ The Jewelry of the Kitchen”

Cabinet hardware, sometimes referred to as the “Jewelry of the Kitchen” can be just that! Selecting a unique or bold hardware adds drama and personalized detail to your space. 

Seek cabinet hardware with a recognizable Craftsman-era embellishment are used to go with with craftsman style of this cabinet door.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry shown in Quarter-sawn Red Oak with a Mission finish.

6. Use Lighting as Art

Large, over-scaled light fixtures are becoming the “eye candy” for the kitchen design. Express yourself and add an attractive design element with a truly unique light fixture or two.

Kitchen Design By Beverly Bradshaw Interiors, Washington. Photography by Tom Marks Photo. Dura Supreme cabinetry by Collaborative Interiors, Washington.

7. Accessorize! 

If you’re looking for something easy to change out as your favorite styles and colors change, accessorizing your kitchen is always a fun and easy solution. Opting for unique bar stools, countertop appliances, dishware, rugs, window treatments and misc. home decor can add a ton of personality to your space.

8. Create an Accent Wall

Whether it be a solid color, a mural or wallpaper an accent wall can completely transform a room. It’s also a very easy project to switch out as your tastes change or if you’re preparing to sell.

9. Select Open Shelves to Display Your Favorite Ware

Open shelves not only make a room feel more spacious, but they present you with a space to display your own unique home decor and dishware. This is a great way to tie in your interests with practical function into your kitchen design.

Industrial styled Dura Supreme kitchen with several open shelves to display everyday dishware, house plants and their personal decor.

10. Make Your Cabinet Interiors Pop

If you have open or glass cabinets, adding a splash of color to the back of your cabinets will help add drama and emphasize the items you have displayed in that cabinet. At Dura Supreme Cabinetry, you can opt to customize your cabinet interior to fit your style.

In the kitchen below, a bright splash of sunflower yellow is used at the back of an open cabinet to highlight the decor on shelves and coordinate with the bright yellow kitchen island.

The Emerald Green painted cabinet interior pictured below adds a unique touch to this kitchen design and a stunning backdrop for the homeowner’s serveware collection.

These are just 10 ideas you can discuss with your kitchen designer as you begin the process of designing your new kitchen! Don’t be afraid to let your kitchen celebrate who you are!

Mandi Juskiewicz is the Marketing Communications Coordinator for Dura Supreme Cabinetry with 15+ years of experience in graphic design, web design, multi-media communications, photography, and social media technology.  Her accolades include the distinction of being named Kitchen Cabinetry Marketing Specialist of the Year 2019 in the 2019 Content Creator Awards held by CV Magazine and achiever of the Houzz Influencer Award. Her role at Dura Supreme allows her to curate the “best of the best” designs, cutting edge products and fabulously functional Dura Supreme kitchens across the country and feature them here for inspiration and design ideas!

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