Is a new kitchen in your future?  Is this the year you resolve to stop settling for mediocre and stop getting by with the inconveniences of your current kitchen?  Perhaps now is the perfect time to contact a Dura Supreme kitchen designer and begin making plans for your new kitchen.  The new kitchen where your family and friends will gather and celebrate together!

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Studio M Kitchen & Bath, Twin Cities, MN. Photo by Spacecrafting Photography.

For many, remodeling your kitchen seems like a monumental undertaking – one that keeps getting put off until you have more time.  With these 5 tips for getting started, we can help make the process so much easier – and so much more fun and exciting!

    #1. Gather Your Inspiration

    Gather images online and from magazines of kitchens, you love!  Tear out magazine photos and print out online images.  Jot down exactly what you like about the photo so you can easily and succinctly communicate these details to your kitchen designer.  Focus on the following areas: 

    1. Overall layout (island or peninsula? What type of corner cabinet? etc.)
    2. The color palette for the cabinetry as well as for flooring, tile, countertops, etc.
    3. Specific storage features and solutions.  
    A flat lay showing a kitchen design mood board with an all gray color palette using a modern raised panel door with a gray painted finish as well as gray and white tiles and countertop samples.

    COLOR DESIGN TIP: Start printing images and tearing out photos of kitchen color palettes that you love and save them in a file. Once you have accumulated photos, sort them based on colors and you will start to notice a definite color palette that seems to take precedence over everything else. Many homeowners may not be able to define their favored color scheme but it will quickly become evident once you review the photos that have been catching your eye.

    A woman browsing magazines for inspiring photos of kitchens and colors for a home remodel.

    TECH TIP: if you’re looking for a tool or an app to help you collect inspiring images for your future remodel try Houzz, Pinterest, or Instagram using their new “Save” feature.

    A cell phone on a desk with the mobile app Houzz showing Dura Supreme's Houzz profile.

    #2. Note Your “Don’t Likes”

    Take 15-30 minutes and write down all of the things you don’t like about your current kitchen.  Take note of any inconveniences or storage issues, placement of specific cabinets or appliances, colors that don’t appeal to you, and surfaces that don’t clean easily.  Be as specific as possible.  Take photos of your current kitchen from several different angles so you can easily discuss details with your kitchen designer.  In addition, if there are specific things you love about your current kitchen, take note of those details as well.

    Woman making notes about her kitchen remodel plans and wish list.

    #3. Determine Your Budget

    Establish your budget or at the very least, have a general, realistic idea for what you can invest in your new kitchen.  Your budget will depend on a lot of different factors including whether or not you are working within your current kitchen space or if you are removing walls to create a larger kitchen as well as the types of countertops, flooring, plumbing fixtures, and appliances.  Having a general budget plan will help your kitchen designer create a plan that works well for you.  If you are not sure where to start, this is something you can approach your kitchen designer for help with.  As a general rule, cabinetry will be approximately 40% of the total cost of your kitchen remodel. 

    Dura Supreme Cabinetry kitchen design by Helena Steele of Golden Gate Kitchens. Photo by Christopher Stark Photography.

    Dura Supreme Cabinetry kitchen design by Helena Steele of Golden Gate Kitchens, California. Photo by Christopher Stark Photography.

    #4. Start Investigating Appliance Options

    Visit an appliance retailer to make decisions on your appliance package.  Your kitchen designer will need the appliance information as they plan your kitchen layout, and as they finalize your cabinetry order.  Some cabinets will need to be ordered a specific way to integrate seamlessly with the appliances you choose.

    Dura Supreme Cabinetry kitchen design by Jenny Rausch of Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath. Photo by Studio 10Seven.

    #5. Discuss Your Project with a Kitchen & Bath Designer

    Visit your local Dura Supreme Showroom and begin discussing your project with a professional kitchen and bath designer. Your Dura Supreme kitchen designer will consult with you about your new kitchen project and guide you through the entire process, from the very beginning stages all the way through installation.

    Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Kim Hoegger of Kim Hoegger Home, Texas.

    Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Kim Hoegger of Kim Hoegger Home, Texas.

    Mandi Juskiewicz the Senior Design & Marketing Specialist for Dura Supreme Cabinetry. A content developer and blog author for the company.

    Mandi Juskiewicz is the Sr. Design & Marketing Specialist for Dura Supreme Cabinetry with 20 years of experience in graphic design, web design, multi-media communications, photography, and social media technology.  Her accolades include the distinction of being named “Kitchen Cabinetry Marketing Specialist of the Year 2019” in the 2019 Content Creator Awards held by CV Magazine and achiever of the Houzz Influencer Award.

    Her role at Dura Supreme allows her to curate the “best of the best” designs, cutting edge products, and fabulously functional Dura Supreme kitchens across the country and feature them here for inspiration and design ideas!

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