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Blending Traditional and Rustic Designs in the Kitchen

When the Squires started working with kitchen designer, Dondi Szombatfalvy, CKD (of Bella Domicile in Madison, WI), they expressed a desire for their home to reflect a blend of traditional styling with rustic influences.  Entertaining and family meals within the kitchen were important, so ideally the kitchen would incorporate a large bar area so that family and guests could eat and interact wit

Feb 06, 2012
The Next Step in a Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen design has been finalized, the appliances selected and because we’ve done this before we have decided to do the entire tear out of the existing kitchen ourselves.  Demolition can be very therapeutic, but also a little nerve wracking.  We are tearing into a room we use daily and will be without for several weeks.

Jan 30, 2012
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French Provincial Interior Design Example

You know the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words", well when it comes to design nothing could be more true.

Jan 23, 2012
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Color Palette. Trendy Colors vs. Classic Color Schemes

Pantone recently announced it's new "2012 Color of the Year" which gets many people in the design community talking and sharing inspired ideas.  Pantone, which describes itself as "the authority on color, provider of color systems and leading technology for accurate communication of color" is one of many organizations and companies working in the field of color forecasting. 

Jan 16, 2012
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kitchen before remodel

Let me preface this by saying designing your own kitchen is the most difficult project a kitchen designer can tackle.  Working at Dura Supreme and walking through the factory every day I have the opportunity to see cabinetry being manufactured in every style and finish imaginable.  The options are endless and it’s really difficult to narrow down your choices.

Jan 09, 2012
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Considering a kitchen remodel

Is it time for a kitchen remodel or can you live with it for a while longer? Would diving in to a full remodel make the space better or could you get by with some minor fixes?

Dec 19, 2011
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Dura Supreme cabinetry: Transitional kitchen design by Ispiri, Woodbury, MN

“The homeowner wanted a contemporary kitchen but her home had a very traditional design,” explained Elizabeth Ericksen, part of the talented design team at Ispiri, a design, build and remodel firm in Woodbury, MN (www.ispiri.com).  “In order to blend the kitchen with her home, we chose a more transitional design approach to her kitchen and she loves it!”

Dec 05, 2011
Contemporary Kitchen with Dura Supreme Cabinets

Contemporary and transitional styling have certainly increased in popularity in the last few years and we are seeing more and more kitchens being designed to feature clean, sleek lines.  A Dura Supreme kitchen designer in Albuquerque New Mexico recently completed a contemporary kitchen that we think beautifully demonstrates this popular look. 

Nov 14, 2011
How Paint Can Make a Rustic Style Door Contemporary - Dura Supreme paitned cabient door

Breckenridge is often thought of as the rustic shaker, southwest, cabin, or lodge style door.  We often see it in Knotty Alder which really defines that style.


Nov 07, 2011
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5 Tips for Organizing Your Mudroom

For us here in the upper Midwest, a “mudroom” is considered a necessity and is an important part of a home’s floor plan.  For families with kids, a mudroom is a critical consideration in building, buying or remodeling a home.

Oct 24, 2011
Is Design TV Sabotaging Your DIY Home Projects?

I admit I do watch a lot of HGTV (and the Food Network for that matter).   It’s not all high quality programming, but some of it does have some value, sparks some creativity, or even a few “you can’t be serious” moments.  There are other channels that also offer the same type of decorating shows, as my husband calls all of them, TLC, DIY, Bravo and even ABC with its Extreme Home Makeover series

Oct 17, 2011
Is your Refrigerator Placement Causing You Problems?

When you grab the eggs and bacon out of the refrigerator to whip up breakfast why are you walking toward the patio with your arms full rather than headed straight for the range?  Does that extra large metal door create a sort of obstacle course that forces you to do an end around, kicking it shut with your foot as you clear the other side?

Oct 03, 2011
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Storage Drawer in Kitchen

When it comes to base cabinets, there are three typical options for the way things can be stored. Determining which method is best suited for your needs requires some thought.

Sep 05, 2011
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Colorful Paint Buckets

Color is always a hot topic among designers and it is one of the most noticeable design elements within any home interior project.  Although colors vary seasonally in the fashion industry, with home interiors we recommend taking cues from color trends and working them into a palette of classic colors and old favorites.  After all, the largest investments in your home (like cabinetry, flooring,

Aug 15, 2011
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