Planning For Productivity

Cabinet Storage Considerations

This stage of project planning is where form and function figure out how to coexist. Planning for the storage components of your new kitchen involves several key steps and the support of a professional designer to make the most of your space while also achieving the right look. This process starts with taking stock of your current space.

A homeowner in a newly remodeled kitchen taking a glass from a wall cabinet. The medium stained cherry cabinets are solid wood.
Discover kitchen cabinet storage solutions that will improve the function and workflow in your new kitchen remodel.
A kitchen designer working with a homeowner and her daughter to plan the storage solutions in a remodel project using Dura Supreme Cabinetry.
Inventory your current kitchen

At the start of the design process, take inventory of everything in your kitchen. This includes not only things like cookware and dishes, but features like outlets, recurring paper piles, often used food/drink items, small appliances, and more. This is the perfect time to purge and donate items you no longer need.

The purpose of this step is to gain a clear understanding of everything you currently have that you will still need in your new kitchen. Once that’s done, you will assess what you don’t have but will need in your new space.

Assess the needs of your new space

What does your new space need? Are you a few outlets short? Should certain low shelves be drawers instead? Is your current pantry layout a disaster? Are there always devices charging and cords everywhere? Maybe a charging drawer is a solution. These thoughts should all be considered as you take stock of what you’ll need in your new space that you currently lack. Think of your biggest frustrations when working in the kitchen and what you’ve been dying to change every time you prepare or clean up after a meal. It is time to think deeply about how you live, how your home can support your lifestyle so you can make the right improvements.

Consult with your Designer

Once you have a complete list of everything that your new kitchen will need to accommodate, it’s time to meet with a Designer so they can take that information and use it to help craft the new design and storage components of your space for optimal use. Specialty features like baking stations or beverage centers may be called upon if you perform any particular tasks in the kitchen that are more specialized. If you need a dedicated pet food area, child friendly spaces, or a devoted drop zone for mail/keys, your Designer will have solutions for you. Your Designer will work with you in-depth to ensure that your new space will serve you well into the future.

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