Working with a Kitchen Designer

How to work with a proffesional Kitchen Designer & Remodeler to remodel your kitchen. Kitchen Design Tips from Dura Surpeme Cabinetry.

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home.  It's a place where meals are prepared, guests and family come to laugh, talk and share, and most importantly it's where lifelong memories are created.  It's natural to be a little worried about whether or not this redesign is going to turn out like you envisioned.

That's why your kitchen designer is such an important partner in your new project.  Your Dura Supreme kitchen designer will take the guesswork out of your entire kitchen project, from measuring your space, to verifying compliance with building codes, to guiding you through the decision making and design process, as well as offering support throughout the entire process.  Your kitchen designer will transform your vision into reality.

Be prepared to share your "wish list" with your designer.  Chances are, you've been saving or clipping pictures from magazines or the internet illustrating your design preferences for some time now.  This helps your designer visualize what you imagine your new space will look like and the key design elements that appeal to you the most.

Your designer will help you establish a budget and work within it, making selections based on product quality, aesthetics and guidelines that you have mutually determined.  There are many design selections that can be made to keep a project within budget. 

Kitchen designers focus on the layout and functionality of your kitchen, while providing you with aesthetic designs, storage solutions and decorative enhancements.  They take into consideration how you and your family use your kitchen to maximize every square inch of space.  Finally, they ensure that everything fits perfectly together and is designed to function properly.