Curated Color Collection

Curated Color Collection for Dura Supreme Painted Cabinets

Dura Supreme’s Curated Color Collection is always fresh, current and reflective of popular color trends for home interiors and cabinetry. This offering of colors will be updated annually as color trends shift.  These 6 colors are available under our Personal Paint Match program and pricing. They can be designed and ordered quickly without creating a color match (or paying the development fee) each time.

  • Gale Force (SW 7605)
  • Slate Tile (SW 7624)
  • Lemon Meringue (SW 7561)
  • Cyberspace (SW 7076)
  • Attitude Gray (SW 7060)
  • Jasper (SW 6216)

These 6 beautiful paint colors can be ordered as a set of doors and chips and are available for orders until December 31, 2018, when new colors will be curated and introduced.