This last year has been exciting in the world of design, but seriously, what year isn’t? Every year we see interiors evolve in different ways; colors, material, textures, you name it. The trends can change quickly, and while some may be a flash in the pan, others have some staying power that resonates within the design world and offers a timeless look and feel. As we look forward to the upcoming holiday I wanted to share this 2nd edition of some of my favorite design trends that will hopefully inspire you and your next cabinet project.

Wire Mesh Inserts

This has been a popular design trend in the last couple of years, and it has been a beautiful alternative to glass doors. Wire Mesh inserts offer a view to the interior of cabinets as well as added visual texture. There are several styles that you can choose from, depending on how much of the interior you want to see, as well as different finishes, with gold and black offerings that are on trend. Originally used with more country style designs (think back to when oak kitchens were designed with a goose motif), it had more of a chicken wire effect. The offerings you see now are much more decorative and you’re now seeing them in many different transitional designs with both stained and painted cabinets. 

Design by The Advanced Design Studio, Gilberts, IL.

Design by Granada Construction, Los Gatos, CA.

Design by Studio M Interiors, Plymouth, MN

Mirror Inserts 

Mirrors can add a big statement to a room! Like the mesh inserts, they are another great alternative to glass inserts. They help small rooms appear larger and they brighten a space by reflecting light back into the room. Another reason why I really like mirror inserts is the fact you don’t have to keep everything in the cabinets neat and tidy. So, in a busy household, you can still have the effect that a glass door would offer, but it’s easier to hide the mess behind. Dura Supreme offers 5 different mirror inserts to choose from, and you can use them in place of glass on a classic glass door or a mullion style door for more drama.

Bathroom design by Brookwood Cabinet Co., Fort Wayne, IN

Open Contrasting Cabinets

Floating shelves have been the norm in design for some time now, but I for one, am over them! (Yaaaawwnn!) What I have enjoyed seeing is open shelves that are actual cabinet boxes, and those boxes are in a different finish to add contrast. Typically you see them in a warm wood tone, but pops of color can be added with paint as well. You can still have your open shelves but make them built in with the rest of the cabinetry for a beautiful seamless look in both our Crestwood and Bria product lines.


An open shelf in this kitchen uses a contrasting stained wood finish and slanted selves to create a unique focal point and beautiful storage for wine bottles.

Design by Standale Home Studio, Grand Rapids, MI

Photo by Leigh Ann Cobb Photography

A stunning bright white kitchen with a contrasting medium stained wood for the open cabinets that match the kitchen island.

Design by Creative Kitchen Design, Anchorage, AK

Design by Marvista Design + Build, Pittsburgh, PA

Painted Oak Cabinets

Oak is definitely seeing a resurgence in cabinet design, and painting oak is a great alternative if you like to see color consistency, but offer texture as well. The open graining of Straight Grain Oak reflects light beautifully, offering the visual texture that is so popular in design. Dura Supreme offers our Red Oak cabinets in any one of our painted finishes as an option, and I love seeing the projects that come in when our dealers have clients that use this in their designs.

Flat lay featuring Avery door Painted Oak Cast Iron

Created by Dillman & Upton, Rochester, MI

An entry way nook with two tower mudroom lockers and a boot bench framing the coat hook space with a beadboard panel shown with a painted oak finish.

Dura Supreme cabinets with Graphite paint on Oak. 

A contemporary kitchen design with textured, black painted oak cabinets and a light stained wood hood with shiplap details all from Dura Supreme.

More Dura Supreme Cabinetry in Oak with Black Paint 

Design by Liberty Bay Cabinetry, Mill Creek, WA

Dura Supreme’s Painted Oak with Black paint

Design by Kitchen Design partners, Northbrook, IL

Bold Color!

When you have someone willing to go bold with color, it can be amazing! My heart does a little flip when I come across projects where bold or bright colors are dominant, and I applaud those homeowners who took a leap of faith so to speak. Colors make a space lively, no matter how big or small. it can add depth and richness to a room as well as set the mood. While some choose small rooms like a half bath to go bold, it can be done very well with larger spaces, and the wow factor doesn’t wane.

Design by Jerilyn Horn K&B Design, Burlington, IA

Photo by Brissey Photography

Dark Gray and Navy Blue kitchen cabinets that are almost black.

Design by Michels Homes, St. Paul, MN

Photo by Alyssa Lee

A dark navy blue furniture style vanity in a bathroom with extravagant wallpaper.

A Furniture Vanity by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

An elegant bathroom with an emerald green vanity crafted by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Design by Mauk Cabinets by Design, Tipp City, OH

Tis the season to consider some new ideas you would like to start recommending in your next project, and maybe some of my favorite things will become yours as well.

Until the next time, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and may the upcoming days be merry, warm, and bright!

Stacey Lindstrom the National Training Manager for Dura Supreme Cabinetry and blog author for the Dura Supreme Cabinetry Blog.

Stacey Lindstrom is the National Training Manager for Dura Supreme Cabinetry. Stacey has a degree in interior design and over 25 years in the kitchen and Bath industry. She has worked in all kinds of business platforms, from small dealers to online design and sales, and has worked with 20.20 Design software since 1997. Her first venture working with Dura Supreme Cabinets was way back in 1995, creating hand drawings for a dealer showroom. In the last 10 years, she has had her work showcased on episodes of Kitchen Crashers and Bath Crashers, as well as season 15 of Big Brother. As much as she loves designing spaces for clients, Stacey enjoys training and educating on product and design as well, and draws from her own expertise as well us blunders over the years to help Dura Supreme and its dealers.

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