Texture is back. We’ve seen it in rough-hewn ceiling beams, the introduction of more character-rich wood species in cabinetry, and in dimensional wall tile. We also have the enormous popularity of painted cabinetry. The perfect marriage of these two overwhelming trends is painted Oak. Here we get the clean look of a painted surface (color-matched to your heart’s desire), with the beauty of wood grain coming through, giving the surface more interest.

Dura Supreme saw these two trends converging and began offering paint on not only our HDF (leagues better than the competitor’s MDF) but also offering paint on our Red Oak wood species. Below are some of our most popular requests for paint on Oak, but we will finish cabinetry in any paint color requested by the designer.

Popular Painted Oak Finishes from Dura Supreme Cabinetry. A collection of trendy painted colors for kitchen and bathroom vanity cabinets.

Popular Painted Oak Finishes from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

The result is stunning. Painted Oak pairs beautifully with stained cabinetry, or other painted cabinetry. Let’s take a look at some examples.

A dream master bathroom with cool navy blue and walls and white painted oak bathroom cabinets and vanities from Dura Supreme. A free standing stone tub sits in front of several large windows with a stunning mountainside view.

Master Bath in Dura Supreme Cabinetry finished in White Paint and Knotty Alder finished in Heather Stain, all Inset styling

Above is a bathroom in Dura Supreme’s White paint on Oak, paired with a Linen Cabinet in Knotty Alder with a Heather stain. Notice the “5th Wall”, the ceiling, also painted the same White, but on shiplap panels in HDF. The rustic moodiness of this space still feels airy, in part due to the painted oak lending itself in both directions, and of course the beautiful windows and view.

Let’s take a closer look at the details in this room.

A close up of the textured details on a painted oak vanity with white paint from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Close-up view of “White” Paint on Oak on Dura Supreme Inset cabinetry.

Here, we look closer at the sitting area to the left, and you can see the grain of the Oak showing through the paint on these timeless inset drawers. A more subtle texture is also seen in the wavy backsplash tile.

A mountain home master bathroom with cool navy blue and walls and white painted oak bathroom cabinets and vanities from Dura Supreme.

Sitting Area in Vanity, White Paint on Oak, Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Waterfalling the countertop provides less disruption of the ‘waves’ in the backsplash here.

On the other side of the room, we get a closer look at the other painted Oak vanity, and the Heather stained Knotty Alder linen cabinet. The degree of character in the Knotty Alder is the perfect match for the painted Oak.

White Painted Oak Vanity and Linen cabinet in Knotty Alder with the Heather stain.

Note the leaded glass caming echoing the black mullions on the outside of the shower. This bathroom wouldn’t be half as visually compelling with a smooth white surface.

A wintery gray and white master a white painted oak vanity and a tall linen cabinet with a leaded glass mirror door.

Vanity and Linen cabinet, White Painted Oak and Knotty Alder in Heather stain, Dura Supreme Inset styling

Below we see the same White painted Oak, but this time on our Homestead door, paired with our Curated Color Cast Iron. These two look great with the gray-brown barn wood behind them that we are seeing so much of these days.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry shown in the Carson Panel door style in

White Painted Oak on Hudson door style paired Cast Iron Curated Color from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Below we see two of our Curated Colors, Cyberspace (on Oak), and Software, on our Dempsey door in Inset styling. Again, a great way to have two different painted surfaces in the same space while keeping it interesting with texture.

Kitchen cabinet design trends for painted cabinets include deep blues and gray hues. This kitchen desing concept features a deep navy blue pained finish on red oak with a wood texture and an inset cabinet door with a trendy gray painted color.

Two of Dura Supreme’s Curated Colors: Cyberspace painted on Oak, paired with Software on the Dempsey door in Inset Styling.

A close up of two cabinet doors with a painted oak finish showing the texture of the wood grain through the sleek layer of paint.

Two Painted Oak doors- Kendall door painted Storm Gray, and Hudson door painted White, Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Above we see two painted doors, this time both on Oak, playing off of the caustic tile. Both our Kendall door style painted Storm Gray, and our Hudson door style painted White pair perfectly since they have the same rail and stile widths.

So go ahead! Take your painted cabinetry to the next level with painted Oak. Dura Supreme can help you make it the perfect design choices with our Personal Paint Match or Custom Color Program- or choose from our carefully curated selection of Dura Supreme’s paint offerings. You are sure to create a custom space like no other.

Sandy Kloncz is the Lead Designer and blog author for Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Sandy is the Lead Designer for Dura Supreme Cabinetry with 15+ years of involvement in the field of Kitchen & Bath Design and a degree in Interior Design. Sandy’s experience ranges from running all aspects of a Design+Build firm to creating beautiful cabinetry designs at Dura Supreme. She has been a judge through the Builders Association of the Twin Cities for their semi-annual Parade of Homes Tour and is continually inspired by creative uses of space, appreciating projects where form and function are blended seamlessly.

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