The Next Step

The kitchen design has been finalized, the appliances selected and because we’ve done this before we have decided to do the entire tear out of the existing kitchen ourselves.  Demolition can be very therapeutic, but also a little nerve wracking.  We are tearing into a room we use daily and will be without for several weeks.

Which brings me to the subject of a temporary kitchen - you have to eat sometime!  Temporary kitchens during a remodel run the gamut, from a microwave, using the bathroom sink or tub along with a refrigerator in the living room to an almost complete set up in another area of the home.  It all depends on your situation, the time of year and how often you want to eat out.  If you can cook outdoors on the grill that expands your options greatly, if the weather isn’t cooperating you need to have a backup plan.  If you have the availability of extra freezer space, cook meals ahead and pack them away.  Frozen dinners from the grocery store are ok, but expensive, and a home cooked meal can bring a sense of normalcy to the chaos of kitchen remodeling.

It's not pretty, but it works. The Temporary kitchen arrangment during a kitchen remodel. Kitchen remodel first hand story.

Before you can tear anything out you have to empty out the kitchen.  Make sure you have a place to temporarily store everything you want to bring back into the new space.  This is a great time to take a good look at your “stuff” and get rid of things that are broken, donate things you haven’t used in a long time, throw out expired food items.  It’s surprising what you will find hiding in the black hole of your current kitchen!

We’ve emptied out the cabinets, set up the temporary kitchen and carefully started tearing out the old cabinets.  We were able to keep the cabinets intact so we gave them to a friend as well as the appliances.  There were a couple of surprises, but nothing major, just a lot of dust, debris and sore muscles!

An gutted kitchen ready for the new remodel.

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