What is a Trend?

Understanding Interior Design Trends

In fashion, a trend is typically thought of as a popular fad; it will be around for a short time and then fade away, only to re-appear years later for a whole new generation. Interior design trends take longer to develop but they also remain relevant for a longer period of time. For example, twenty years ago stainless steel appliances were only available for commercial kitchens, and now they are a popular design element for most kitchens. 

Today's Trends
Interior Design + Color Trends of Today
Color Trends:

Color Trends:

Here’s a sampling of trends that are big on the home front this year. 

Color Trends:

  • Navy Blue is on the Rise
  • Shades of White – Stylish, sleek white kitchens are a timeless look that is surging in popularity
  • True Brown Stains – Expressing Less Warm Undertone
  • Gray – Mainstream color trend and influencer of trends to come
Up-and-coming Trends
A Forecast of What's to Come
Color Trends of Tomorrow:

Color Trends of Tomorrow:

Here’s a sneak peek of cutting-edge trends our forecasters have spotted on the horizon. 

  • Black is making a comeback in metals, trimworks, and architectural details – seen in window framing, shower enclosure framing, doors, knobs and pulls, and even cabinetry.
  • Deep, Neutral Greens – Perceived as tranquil and earthy, this up-and-coming color trend can give the effect of new beginnings, new growth.
  • Au Natural – a color/texture palette that is natural, without adornment. The opposite of artificial, this is a palette that is warm, soft, neutral, and raw. (Paint colors like Putty, Mushroom, and Dove paired with stains like Coriander, Alabaster, and Cashew).
Remodeling with Trends in Mind. At Dura Supreme Cabinetry we have a team of expert kitchen design trend and color trend forecasters. Learn about today's kitchen design trends are where trends are heading in the future.
CREDIT "Emergent Construction, Indiana"
An on-trend kitchen design with new trendy cabinet colors from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.
CREDIT "Emergent Construction, Indiana"
Looking to the Future

Remodeling with Trends in Mind

When planning your remodel it’s important to know the latest trends and how you want to incorporate them into your design. Your Dura Supreme designer will be a key influencer in bringing your space to life and ensuring that your investment functions beautifully and the design is timeless for years to come.

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