Storage Discussion: Behind Cabinet Doors

What is the advantage of storing items behind cabinet doors? The basic method of storage inside a cabinet is shelving. A standard wall, base or tall cabinet will come with a specific number of shelves based on the height of the cabinet. While most cabinet shelving is adjustable the functionality of the cabinet can be increased by adding internal storage accessories such as roll-outs, stationary tray dividers, pull-outs, spice racks, door storage racks, and more.

Storage Accessories on Cabinetry Doors

A traditional Cabinet Door Spice Rack from Dura Supreme offers convenient added storage in a wall cabinet.

Door Spice Rack Storage Accessory from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Roll-Out Cabinet Storage Behind a Cabinet Door

Base cabinets are usually 24” deep, providing a lot of storage space.  However, accessing the items stored in the back of the kitchen cabinet can be inconvenient and cumbersome.  That problem is solved with our roll-out shelves, available in several depths, different configurations and with various partitions.  Our roll-out shelves glide out smoothly on full-extension slides and include a soft-close, self-closing feature for optimum convenience in your kitchen.


Stationary Storage within a Cabinet

Stationary storage within a cabinet can be anything from basic stationary shelves to vertical partitions, to customized larders, wine racks, and more.

Dura Supreme’s Tray Dividers are a convenient way to partition a cabinet for tray or cutting board storage. (Each includes 1 divider.)

“X” Wall Wine Cube behind cabinet doors from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Wall Appliance Cabinet Organized for Tray Storage

Beverage Center Larder from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Pull-Out Storage Attached to the Cabinet Door

Wall, base and tall cabinets also have many pull-out storage options including recycling centers, pantries, knife blocks and tray storage. Small spaces offer a surprising amount of kitchen storage when you use Dura Supreme’s pull-outs. Simply pull the cabinet door with one motion to reveal the storage accessory and all of it's contents. Oftentimes, these ingenious pull-outs can be tucked behind a decorative turned post or column for an exceptionally clever use of space.  The full-extension slides are concealed for a sleek look and the soft-close, self-close feature is an added bonus.

Base Recycling Center by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

A Pull-Out Tray Cabinet from Dura Supreme offers practical and convenient use of space and works great for storing pans and cookie sheets in small spaces.

A Dura Supreme Base Pull-Out Pantry neatly stores row after row of pantry goods within a narrow space making it easy to see the entire contents of your pantry at a glance. (Available in wood or wire options)

Cabinet Door Hinging for Optimal Storage

Cabinets with doors also have several hinging options including stay lift, lift door, and bi-fold doors.  The advantage to these types of doors is they typically open upward and out of the way, providing easy access to the contents inside.

Dura Supreme’s horizontal Bi-fold Door (WBFD) lifts up and out of the way for full access to the kitchen cabinet interior.

A hinge-top mechanism (WSLC) often works best for reaching upper storage areas.

If space allows above the cabinet, a lift-door (WLD) provides full-access to upper cabinets that are hard to reach.

With the variety of storage accessories combined with the standard shelf what’s hidden behind closed cabinet doors should always organized and within an easy reach.

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