Trend Study: Oversized Lighting in the Kitchen

Lighting technology has come a long way since Thomas Edison invented the first lightbulb in 1879. Today lighting is not only a functional tool but also an important design element.

A close up of two large and elgant pendant lights in a kitchen design showing trend setting design ideas.

Lights Are Becoming Pieces of Art

Traditionally, the typical pendant light installation over a kitchen island has been three small pendant lights. However, recently kitchen designs are trending toward large, over-scale light fixtures and very decorative pendants that are the focal point of a room, the trend is toward fewer lights that are larger scale like a piece of artwork.

The traditional 3 pendant light design is a great way to light up an entire workspace and add beauty to the work zone in a kitchen design.

There are many ways to incorporate lighting in kitchen design but there are clearly two trending ways designers are using to incorporate artistically oversized lights. I'd like to shed some light on these two popular methods, using Double and Single oversized light fixtures.

Large oversized circular pendant lighting in a very trending interior design.

Double the Drama with Dualing Large-Scale Lights

Doubling up two large pendant lights eliminates the need for 3 small lights and helps stretch lighting across a longer space like a kitchen island, table, or peninsula. Here are a few examples of kitchen lighting over a countertop space with large-scale double light fixtures that are the main design element or "eye-candy" for the room.

Trend setting navy blue and white kitchen with gold hadware and large-scaled pendant lights.

Two overzied black light shades on pendant lights over a kitchen island. Kitchen design trends to consider.

Grayscale Dura Supreme kitchen design with oversized black pendant lights over the kitchen island.

A historic home with a modern makeover wtih with White and gray Dura Supreme Cabinets and large wooden pendant lights over the gray stained kitchen island.

A modern scandinavian style kitchen with large light fixtures and shiplap cabinets from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

 For an extra-long countertop, like this grand sized kitchen island, you may want to use 3 oversized pendant lights to evenly light the space.

 For an extra-long countertop, like this grand sized kitchen island, you may want to use 3 oversized pendant lights to evenly light the space. Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Mariotti Building Products, Pennsylvania.

One Oversized Hanging Light 

For an even more dramatic look, one gigantic oversized light fixture can be used to create a center focal point. Here are a few fantastic examples of kitchen designs that feature stunning and dramatic single light installations!


An L-shaped kitchen island and breakfast nook with a large metalic light fixture.

Industrial style kitchen design with one large light fixture with 3 lights over the kitchen island.

A kitchen breakfast nook and home office combination with one large scale and artisitc light fixture.

A white on white kitchen with Dura Supreme cabinetry and a large chandalier over the kitchen island.

A breakfast nook seating area in the kitchen with a large pendant light.

Using Large-Scale Lights to Define an Open Floor Plan

With the increasing popularity of open floor plans and tall ceilings, large-scaled pendant lights help create an eye-catching element that also helps define an area or a workspace. In some open concept homes, you may find the use of both Double Pendants and Single to define the different spaces within the open floor plan.

This Dura Supreme kitchen design features dual oversized pendant lights to add function and beauty to the kitchen island while an even larger single light defines the breakfast nook area.

This kitchen features two grand sizes pendants over the kitchen island and 1 large chandelier over the dining room table to define the 2 spaces in the open floor plan. Dura Supreme design by Studio M Kitchen & Bath.

There are plenty of options for oversized pendant lighting if you're looking to create a specific look that will stand the test of time. How will you define your space and accentuate your home with oversized pendant light fixtures?

Kitchen breakfast nook with a large beautiful pendant light over the kitchen table.

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