Kitchen Cabinet Design Collections

Craftsman Interior Design Style Detail with Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Designing your new Dura Supreme kitchen is a uniquely personal pursuit.  Over the years, the kitchen has evolved from its purely utilitarian roots and its segregated placement in a far-off corner of the home, to center stage as the heart of the American home.  As such, the kitchen transcends traditional boundaries of function (organization, storage and meal preparation), and is a reflection of your personal taste and style as well as a comfortable gathering place for friends and family.


Dura Supreme has created a photo gallery of kitchen cabinet design ideas that can be drawn from to reflect your unique lifestyle and passions.  These are not the rigid historical design themes from ancient eras, but an updated collection of regional and period designs that reflect an appreciation of fine craftsmanship and favorite destinations.

This gallery of kitchen photos provides just a few examples of the many directions and influences that can inspire a distinctive and compelling kitchen design.  Each kitchen cabinetry design theme begins with a foundation of relevant cabinet door styles, wood species, and cabinet finishes.  Appropriate design elements are then featured for each design theme, which can be utilized in any combination depending on personal preference.  It’s important to note that the recommended cabinet styles and cabinet finishes are guidelines only – your personal preferences should be woven into the design theme.

The most appealing kitchen cabinetry designs are those that reflect the personal pursuits and passions of the homeowner.  A design theme weaves an intriguing personal “story” about the lifestyle interests and experiences that mean the most to you.  Your Dura Supreme kitchen should be just that – a reflection of you!