When you are considering a kitchen remodel the first thing that I recommend to people is to determine your kitchen appliances with your kitchen designer. Make your list of appliance must-haves as well as the “that would be fun to have” list. The reason this is a good first step is often the kitchen appliances you select will often drive the layout and design of the kitchen.

Oct 06, 2020
Corner of a Dura Supreme island

The kitchen is the room in a home where functionality is king. As far as kitchen design goes, right up there with the Work Triangle is the Landing Area. Well-planned landing areas streamline the prepping, cooking and cleaning for a cook, and can make you love or hate your kitchen.

Aug 04, 2020
Author: Sandy Kloncz
Kitchen Stories: Some Ingenuity Makes Every Inch Counts in a Historic Chicago Kitchen

This Chicago couple loved their home within the historic neighborhood of Hyde Park, but they had outgrown their small and outdated kitchen. It was time to make a change; the kitchen had to go!

Jun 30, 2020
Designing From A Distance

People have projects. Designers have creativity. Interaction is limited during a pandemic.

Jun 03, 2020
Author: Sandy Kloncz
Trendy urban basement remodel with dark green cabinets and gold hardware on the wet bar. This room features a gaming space, a theater, and a music stage.

This modern home amongst the historic neighborhood of The Hill in St. Louis, MO may seem a little out of place with its contemporary look. But this home is much more than just another house on the block, it's a gathering place for the whole community!

May 05, 2020
A New Age For The Work Place and The Home Office. A video call meeting from a home office to a home office.

Home offices are more important today than they’ve ever been in the entire history of mankind. As we face a new age of global pandemics, millions have had no choice but to take their work home and continue their business remotely.

Apr 21, 2020
A sunning lake home kitchen with a corner range and white cabinets.

A couple of high school sweethearts reached the day where their children were now college graduates. They were officially empty nesters and soon realized it was time to re-think their lifestyle, and with that, rethink the full functionality of their home. That’s when they reached out to designer Gwen Adair of Cabinet Supreme by Adair, LLC.

Apr 14, 2020
New home kitchen design with dark stained oak combined with white painted cabinetry.

"One of the most important features of this new home is the relatable and comfortable kitchen," explained kitchen designer, Megan Dent of Mingle Showroom in Plymouth, MN. "The kitchen is the hub of activity for this family of four and having a welcoming space where everyone feels "at home" was of top priority.” 

Mar 03, 2020
Author: Karen Wistrom
A rustic kitchen design with a casual style and gray stained knotty alder cabinets.

This Seattle kitchen was designed and built by the original homeowner. Needless to say, neither design nor building was his profession. The new homeowners knew they could not do the updates alone reached out to designer Molly McCabe, AKBD, CGP, CAPS of A Kitchen That Works, LLC for her expertise.

Dec 10, 2019
Kitchen Love Stories: A Family Redesigns their Life by Redesigning Their Kitchen

Married couple, Eric and Marissa Shipe purchased their Virginia home with the initial intent to immediately remodel the kitchen. They loved the home, but there was no way they could live with the kitchen layout. It had to be the first thing to go. Marissa spends hours in the kitchen.

Nov 05, 2019
Kitchen Design 101: The G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The kitchen layout is the shape made by the arrangement of the countertop, major appliances (i.e. kitchen sink, range and refrigerator) and storage areas. The layout and floor plan create the kitchen’s primary work triangle, which is the path that you make when moving from the refrigerator to the sink, to the range when preparing a meal.

Oct 22, 2019
A 1940s home with a kitchen remodeled with white painted cabinets, white counters, modern stainless steel kitchen appliances, and a dramatic white backsplash with a fun pop of pattern.

The homeowners of this much-loved 1940s Minnesota home knew that their growing family would soon outgrow their existing floor plan. With the help of designer Tricia Davis of Mingle and Chris Easterday of C.R.E.

Aug 20, 2019
Close up of a kithen sink and industrial styled kitchen. Replacing old plumbing is important when remodeling the kitchen.

The decision to remodel your kitchen is an exciting one, but getting started can feel overwhelming. You’ll need to decide if you’re doing a complete overhaul, or just tackling specific projects that will make a big impact.

Aug 13, 2019
Author: Brad McCarthy
Warm Wired Mercury High Gloss Foil Drawer and Doors, Dura Supreme

Today we are going to take a look at a home that was recently remodeled with a masculine, modern sense of style.  Designer Jennifer Ferson, of Ferson Kitchen & Bath Design, channeled this style through the use of some great textures and colors.  Let’s start with the big picture.

Aug 09, 2019
Author: Sandy Kloncz
A dream kitchen with white painted cabinetry and a breakfast nook with gray cushioned seating.

The house hunting process is an exciting one, but it can mean focusing on the big picture and making compromises along the way. The remodel process, on the other hand, is your opportunity to shine and make every detail - big and small - into a beautiful reality in your dream home.

Jun 18, 2019
Author: Brad McCarthy
Cozy Corner Banquette Seating

When designing a new space for a customer, a designer shouldn’t be merely imitating the latest trends, but instead should be creating something that perfectly fits that homeowner’s unique personality and lifestyle.

Apr 18, 2019
Author: Sandy Kloncz
Remodel Stories: A Bright, Blue Show-Stopper



Bold, Blue and Beautiful. The most fitting name for this show-stopping kitchen located in Hauppauge, NY.

Apr 09, 2019
Remodel Stories: Historic Townhouse Transforms into a Culinary Hotspot

A 1870s townhouse located within the historic district of Washington, DC, belonged to a set of homeowners who loved the charm of DC, had a passion for cooking and enjoyed entertaining for their friends and family.

Mar 12, 2019
Stunning Blue and White Traditional Kitchen in a 1920s Colonial Home

This Nebraskan family of four enjoys much of their time together cooking, baking and entertaining. Although their 1920s Classic Colonial home is located in a prestigious country club neighborhood that’s both historic and charming, their kitchen was neither. They had grown frustrated not only with the look but with the day to day function of their kitchen.

Mar 05, 2019
How to Break Out of the Beige Box - Bright Lime Green Kitchen Design

Are you one of “those people” who admires the happy and abundant flourishes of color in the shelter magazines but when it comes to your own home, you have a hard time getting beyond beige?  If that describes you, you are definitely not alone. In fact, color consultation is a major reason why many homeowners consult with an interior designer.

Feb 25, 2019
Author: Karen Wistrom
Remodel Story of a modern farmhouse kitchen design with white painted cabinetry, a white wood hood, kitchen island with black stools, white subway tile, and white countertops.

After closing on their first home in Jacksonville, Florida this couple was excited to make their new home their own. They were in love with the property and the majority of the house, but the kitchen was in desperate need of a remodel.

Feb 05, 2019
A Cramped Kitchen Transforms into Charming and Timeless

Picture a 1890s architectural home located in Buffalo, New York and within its walls is a cramped little kitchen in dire need of updating. 

Image of a New York neighborhood.

Jan 15, 2019
A Kitchen Remodel "Due" for a Change

Kitchen remodel projects are often tied to momentous events with the goal in mind to be completed before a certain event such as the start of school, before the holiday season or in this case before the homeowners’ baby boy was born.

Sep 25, 2018
Range Hoods | Wood Hood | Cabinets | Focal Point | Kitchen

As an architectural element, the range hood over the cooking center represents one of the key opportunities in the kitchen to make a unique and impressive design statement or a simple subtle look to support the overall style of your kitchen design.

Aug 28, 2018
An urban kitchen island desgin with Dura Supreme Cabinetry in a downtown kitchen renovation.

With the desire to relocate to a convenient and central downtown location, Dave and Marie were looking for a major lifestyle change. They dreamt of being closer to their careers, their friends & family, and the perks of downtown living, but most of all having more quality time with one another. "Dave & Marie are fans of Industrial Chic design.

Jul 24, 2018