The storage solutions you select for your new kitchen will make the difference between an everyday kitchen, and a kitchen that WORKS hard for you every day.  After you’ve spent time creating the overall kitchen layout, design style, and color scheme for your new kitchen, the next important step is to carefully plan the storage features and plot out how to optimize each work zone

A trendy kitchen design with creative kitchen storage for kitchen appliances.

Dura Supreme kitchen design by Richard Ware of Trimline Design Center, Florida. Photo by Creative Digibox.

There are so many clever organizational options to consider when remodeling the kitchen. No one wants to spend all that invested time and money on a new kitchen just to have it be a jumbled mess of disorganized clutter behind the cabinet doors. We want a kitchen that is just as organized and functional on the inside as it is beautiful on the outside.

Here are a few creative kitchen storage solutions that resolve some common kitchen design headaches. I hope they will inspire you as you plan your kitchen remodel.



An All-In-One Kitchen Workstation

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for kitchen storage solutions that help keep my countertops clutter-free but also keep my everyday items close at hand. Here are some ingenious concepts for hiding a small kitchen appliance workstation behind cabinet doors with all the supplies you need nearby to get the job done.

Below are three great examples of all-in-one kitchen workstations that make everyday routines an easy task. In the first image below, the baking center larder has a flat roll-out shelf for the Kitchen Aid mixer and all the goodies this baker needs stored in the apothecary drawers to the side and the roll-out shelves in the cabinet below. The second/middle image features a breakfast workstation that has all the small appliances for the homeowner’s morning routine in one hidden hub behind pocket doors. The third/last image shows a compact beverage center that hides all of the small appliances for crafting beverages as well as a toaster with an appliance door above the beverage fridge. All the supplies are close-at-hand yet the space stays clean and clutter-free.

These workstations make all the needed supplies easy to access, while also making it simple to quickly hide the clutter when done.

Creative Ways to Store Spices

Any well-organized kitchen needs a good storage method for keeping spices organized, accessible and visible. Without an organized storage method, they can be difficult to locate when you need them. Spice rack storage can be incorporated in many areas of the kitchen including drawers, cabinet doors, pull-outs, roll-outs, and more.


A Simple Roll-Out Above Drawer Can do the Trick

A roll-out within a drawer can optimize drawer storage for countless items. The small roll-out lets you store smaller items in a deep drawer where smaller items would usually get lost. Instead of digging past all your mixing bowls to find your collection of cookie cutters, for example, use a roll-out above the drawer to store them in the same drawer, but make them much easier to find with their own dedicated space.

Keep all your baking supplies in one spot by using a deep drawer for mixing bowls with a small roll-out tray for your cookie cutters and misc. baking tools.

Cookie cutters and small baking accessories in a shallow roll-out above a deep drawer with mixing bowls.

A roll-out above drawer storing lunch bags, and misc. kitchen items above a deep drawer with mixing bowls. Dura Supreme Cabinetry has a large variety of kitchen storage soutions.

A shallow roll-out above drawer storing lunch bags, and misc. kitchen items above a deep drawer with mixing bowls.

Alternatives to Storing Dishware in a Wall Cabinet

Plateware is a common kitchen staple where most homeowners simply stack them in a wall cabinet closest to the dishwasher or sink.  A novel approach to dishware storage is to organize the plateware collection in a drawer so they are easier to reach and even closer to a sink or dishwasher. This makes the dishes more accessible to everyone, including children and those in a wheelchair.

The photos shown in this blog are just a few examples of clever kitchen storage features from Dura Supreme that can take your kitchen organization to an entirely new level.  Your Dura Supreme kitchen designer will work closely with you to determine the kitchen storage solutions that will be best for your personal lifestyle so you can stay organized, use your space wisely, and have a beautiful, functional kitchen. Check out our Storage Solutions Brochure, or browse our storage solutions library online for even more great ideas to help you get started planning the kitchen of your dreams.

Creative kitchen storage solutions to consider when remodeling.

Kitchen design by Danielle Lardani of Studio M Kitchen & Bath, Minnesota. Photography by Chelsie Lopez Production & Marketing.

Mandi Juskiewicz the Senior Design & Marketing Specialist for Dura Supreme Cabinetry. A content developer and blog author for the company.

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