Creative Organization Beyond the Kitchen

A few weeks ago, we featured several creative organizational ideas for the kitchen, but there are so many outstanding accessories that go beyond the kitchen.

For the bathroom, cabinetry in general provides excellent storage for stacks of towels, cosmetics, shampoos and bulk purchases of toilet paper.  Drawers can be fitted with partitions to help separate and organize all those small items like cosmetics and facial products.  

One particular accessory for bath cabinetry gets noticed and garners praise every time because it meets a practical need for storing blow driers, curling irons and flat irons - along with their messy cords.  Our Vanity Grooming Rack is a convenient pull-out that only uses 12" of space.  Stainless steel cylinders in the top rack safely store heated elements while the lower rack provides storage for shampoos, lotions and hair products.

 Dura Supreme vanity grooming rack


For Entertainment Centers, gaming equipment, movies and CDs can create clutter unless you plan specific accessories to get them organized.  Drawers can be ordered with an organizer system to keep movies, games and CD's organized with their titles up for ease of selection.  Thin vertical spaces too can be outfitted with a Pull-Out for organizing DVDs, games and CD's. 

Dura Supreme drawer organizer

Dura Supreme Pull Out Media Tower

For gaming equipment, a Flat Roll-Out Shelf works perfectly to store the equipment neatly when not in use, but keep it easily accessible for gaming nights.

Dura Supreme flat roll-out shelf for gaming equipment.

With Dura Supreme cabinetry, storage solutions and organizational elements are a key feature not only for the kitchen, but throughout your home.


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