Storage for pots, pans, and containers is a key element of an organized kitchen design. Between various sizes of pans & containers, their lids, and panhandles having a storage system that keeps everything visible and organized is appreciated.  A drawer below or near the cooktop works well, but it works even better when it has a lid organizer built right into the drawer!

Lid Storage for Organizing Food Containers Vs. Pot & Pans

Make note, most kitchen storage accessories for pot & pan lids also work just as well for food container storage and glass bakeware collections. Once you realize the versatility of these storage solutions you’ll be surprised how many options are available for container storage.

Lid dividers are built into the sides of a deep drawer for pot & pan Storage. Find kitchen storage solutions for pots & pans and organize lids with Dura Supreme Cabinetry accessories.

Lid dividers are built into the sides of a deep drawer for pot & pan Storage.

Lid Storage Partition by Dura Supreme cabinetry.

Lid dividers are built into the sides of a deep drawer for food containers and glass bakeware containers.

Drawer Ideas for Storing & Organizing Lids

One of our most popular lid storage options are in-drawer lid dividers. Our lid dividers can be built into the back of the kitchen drawer or along both sides based on your preference.

Lid dividers are built into the sides of a deep drawer for organized pot & pan Storage.

A Lid Storage Partition from Dura Supreme placed at the back of a wide, deep drawer neatly stores pot and pan lids to keep your pot and pan storage orderly and easy to access.

A divider for Lid storage in the back of a deep drawer for organizing pots & pans.

A Lid Storage Partition at the back of a wide, deep drawer neatly stores plastic containers and lids in a neatly fashion.

This Heritage Painted kitchen island has a deep drawer with a divider for Lid storage in the back keeping a large collection of food containers neat and orderly.

A shallow roll-out above a deep drawer works fantastic for lid storage giving two levels of storage in one single drawer.

A Shallow Roll-Out Above a deep kitchen drawer neatly stores the lids for the pots and pans that are stored in the deep drawer below.

A shallow roll-out organizing lids above a deep drawer with the pairing pots & pans.

Roll-Out Cabinet Storage Ideas for Lids

There are many options for lid Storage when it comes to roll-out accessories. From simple roll-out shelves to our Pot & Pan Roll-out, everything from entire cookware collections to food container collections can be neatly organized as well as easily accessible.

One roll-out shelf can house the containers while another can house lids with or without partitions.

Dura Supreme kitchen design by Standale Interiors in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Photo by Leigh Ann Cobb Photography.

An entire cookware collection can be organized neatly in this single pull-out that houses pots and pans in the lower section and organizes lids above.

A special tiered roll-out organizes pots, pans, and lids together.

Neatly store your plastic storage containers and lids in this convenient roll-out accessory from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

The same tiered roll-out organizes a large collection of containers and their lids together.

Drawer Racks for Lids Storage

Drawer racks designed for dishware work fantastic for lids storage. For example, a Plate Rack Drawer by Dura Supreme can double as plastic or glass food container organizer with space for the containers and a built-in rack to organize the lids.

A dish rack drawer used for organizing food containers and lids.

Dura Supreme’s Plate Rack combined with the Dish Storage Drawer creates a convenient spot to neatly store and organize an entire set of dishware or even a collection of storage containers and their lids.

A dish storage drawer with movable pegs can also be used to organize a collection of pots and pans and their lids.

Pot & pan storage in a deep drawer with a storage rack.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Dondi Szombatflavy of Bella Domicile, Wisconsin. Photography by S.Photography.

These are just a few of the many ways you can store your lids with Dura Supreme’s products. For more ideas, talk to your Dura Supreme Designer to discover an option that’s best for your new kitchen. 

Mandi Juskiewicz the Senior Design & Marketing Specialist for Dura Supreme Cabinetry. A content developer and blog author for the company.

Mandi Juskiewicz is the Sr. Design & Marketing Specialist for Dura Supreme Cabinetry with 20 years of experience in graphic design, web design, multi-media communications, photography, online trends, and social media technology along with 10 years of experience with Dura Supreme Cabinetry.  Her accolades include the distinction of being named “Kitchen Cabinetry Marketing Specialist of the Year 2019″ in the 2019 Content Creator Awards held by Corporate Vision Magazine (CV Magazine) and achiever of the Houzz Influencer Award.

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