Painted Cabinets

Painted Cabinets from Dura Supreme Cabinetry. Cabinet Paint Finish Color Options.

Paint finishes have gained popularity in recent years for their crisp, classic styling and expansive color palette.  Some homeowners select paint for their entire kitchen, while others choose it as an accent color for an island or a cook center.  Various shades of white and neutral colors are popular for full kitchens, while intense colors tend to be selected for accent pieces.  Our full-coverage enamel paints are smooth and durable, with rich, saturated color.  Dura Supreme offers an attractive palette of fashionable and classic colors, and custom colors are available to match any preference.

Please note that wood naturally expands and contracts with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.  As wood moves microscopically at joints, this movement will be more apparent with painted finishes than stained finishes and will look like a small fracture or seam at the joint.  This is a natural characteristic of painted finishes on wood. 

Please note that the accuracy of color shown on your computer screen will vary based on your monitor and screen resolution, and will not match actual finished product.  Finish selections should always be made after viewing several door samples and displays to become familiar with the characteristics of the particular wood and finish you select.  Your local Dura Supreme designer will professionally guide you through all of the options available from Dura Supreme.


Classic White
Linen White
Antique White
Silver Mist
Storm Gray