Painted & Accented Cabinets

Painted & Accented Cabinets. Paint and Accent Finishes from Dura Supreme

Accent Glaze is applied over the paint with a small brush to the profiles, corners and edges of the door.  Accent Glaze is designed to accentuate the details of the door (similar to a Glaze) but without affecting the base paint color of the door.  Glazing is an artistic, hand-detailing technique that will exhibit subtle variations with each application.

Please note that the accuracy of color shown on your computer screen will vary based on your monitor and screen resolution, and will not match actual finished product.  Finish selections should always be made after viewing several door samples and displays to become familiar with the characteristics of the particular wood and finish you select.  Your local Dura Supreme designer will professionally guide you through all of the options available from Dura Supreme.


White/ Pewter
Classic White/ Pewter
White/ Sienna
Classic White/ Sienna
Linen White/ Pewter
Pearl/ Slate
Cashmere/ Slate
Latte/ Brown
Zinc/ Slate
Storm Gray/ Slate