No Room for an Island? Save Space with a Kitchen Peninsula

In my last post I discussed the island as part of a kitchen layout.  But what if you don’t have the space to devote to an island? The next best thing in my opinion is the peninsula layout. The dictionary defines a peninsula as a piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides, but remaining connected to the mainland.  The peninsula in the kitchen is very similar, surrounded on three sides by open floor space, but connected to either the adjacent countertop or a wall on one end.

A kitchen peninsula that attaches the existing counter-Photo Courtesy of The Cabinet Center

Early peninsula designs featured wall cabinets installed above the peninsula bases.  Often they were the same height as the perimeter wall cabinets, creating a little eighteen inch open space to the dining side which gave a kind of closed off from the rest of the room feeling. Over time the peninsula wall cabinets became shorter and it seems that now they have disappeared completely leaving just the base cabinets.

Kitchen peninsula cabinet bases with wall cabinets above

Peninsula cabinet layouts can be either a continuation of the base cabinets along the wall creating an L shape, or an independent run of cabinets that attach to a wall.  Cabinets can be accessed from both sides or just the kitchen side with a panel covering the back.  Peninsulas can accommodate appliances, sinks, and or seating at either counter height or bar height,  it all depends on the available space and how you want it to function.

Peninsula attached to a wall with cabinetry access on both sides-Photo courtesy of The Cabinet Center

While a peninsula is not exactly the same as the island that everyone wants it does have its advantages. Peninsulas don’t have space requirements that an island does and with the accessibility only on three sides it can function as a sort of barrier keeping the traffic flow out of the main work area while still providing the extra prep and storage space.  Peninsulas can be the perfect solution for the open floorplan smaller kitchen.

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